What is the Difference of Noom vs. Mediterranean Diet


Of all the numerous ways there are to get in shape and look after wellbeing, some are antiquated and some are fresh out of the box new. Take for instance the contrast between the Mediterranean eating routine, a settled good dieting way of life established in the conventions of individuals living close to the Mediterranean Sea, and Noom, another application driven program that joins smart dieting and brain science to assist you with getting thinner without being on a careful nutritional plan in essence.

Noom Overview

” Noom is a behavior change program that helps people learn about and engage in healthier and sustainable eating and exercise habits, says Andreas Michaelides, a clinical psychologist and chief of psychology at Noom.

Eshani Ewing, an enlisted dietitian with Orlando Health in Florida, takes note of that the key interface for Noom is “a mobile weight-loss app centered around behavior change.” Users can follow food, physical movement and body weight utilizing an application that utilizations message pop-ups and other computerized suggestions to keep clients locked in.

Notwithstanding the application, Michaelides says clients additionally access:

  • Noom’s educational program of classes.
  • A coordinated human mentor.
  • A formula database.
  • A virtual care group with other Noom clients.

How Noom Works

“Noom uses psychology to help our users identify and understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ when it comes to their personal health journey,” Michaelides says. “This understanding helps people build healthy habits that stick.”

The program centers around something beyond following calorie admission, he includes, and incorporates points, for example,

  • Mindfulness.
  • Goal-setting.
  • The effect of rest, stress, exercise and food decisions on one’s general wellbeing.

“Noom helps users expand their view of health and learn about themselves, their behaviors and triggers and how to overcome obstacles specific to their lifestyle,” Michaelides explains. “This psychological approach is one of the key components to achieving and maintaining sustainable weight loss.”

Utilizing intellectual conduct treatment, or CBT, “Noom’s program discusses how thoughts, behaviors and emotions directly relate to food and exercise choices,” Michaelides says. This makes the methodology totally individualized and adjustable, custom fitted to the client’s one of a kind needs and objectives. “Noom meets users where they are in their journey to help each person achieve long-term success,” he includes.

The application energizes little, reasonable conduct changes encompassing food decisions, exercise and following load using day by day updates, for example, logging more advances or including what you ate at your last dinner to the food journal. “The program also includes support from real-life coaches that help build accountability,” Michaelides says. Ewing alerts that these mentors may not be enrolled dietitians.

Notwithstanding the social change part, the framework likewise assists clients with picking more advantageous, lower-calorie food choices that can bring about weight reduction or weight the executives. The framework includes a shading framework that places nourishments into three distinct classes — green, yellow and red — in view of caloric thickness, Ewing says. The objective is to expend:

  • 30% green nourishments, which are the least calorie-thick food sources. This incorporates vegetables and entire grains.
  • 45% yellow nourishments, including lean meats and starches.
  • 25% red nourishments, for example, red meat and treats.

To begin with the program, you’ll download the application to your cell phone, at that point answer a few inquiries regarding your weight objectives, dietary patterns, practice propensities and how rapidly you need to accomplish your objective. The application at that point crunches this information and lets out a suggested every day calorie recompense so you realize the amount you can eat every day and still remain on target for meeting your objective.

Mediterranean Diet Overview

While the Noom program has been hailed as a Millennial way to deal with weight the executives that depends on advanced innovation and individualized training, the Mediterranean eating routine is a solid, old-school approach that has been a most loved of dietitians the world over for a long time.

Created during the 1960s as a methods for lessening frequency of coronary illness, the Mediterranean eating routine gets numerous directors of eating and living in a manageable manner from a few southern European regions that outskirt the Mediterranean including Greece, Spain and Italy.

“The Mediterranean diet encourages consumption of whole grains and legumes, which are important sources of fiber in our diet,” says Lindsay Collier, clinical dietitian specialist of Westchester Medical Center. “The Mediterranean diet focuses on plant-based proteins with fish, poultry and meats consumed weekly, not daily.” It also includes lots of heart-healthy and omega-3 fatty acid–rich olive oil.

An example of eating that fits into a general way of life instead of a prohibitive, momentary eating regimen, the Mediterranean methodology is about control. No food is beyond reach, yet dairy, red meat, desserts and handled nourishments ought to be restricted, Collier says. “The Mediterranean diet encourages moderation of dairy but does not encourage restriction and also promotes mindful eating behaviors.”

Health advantages


Ewing says that “Noom has been recognized as a lifestyle exchange program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which are evidence-based solutions that can reduce a person’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.”

The program is moderately new, so there’s not a great deal of free examination into whether it works and assuming this is the case, how reasonable that weight reduction is. However, one 2016 examination distributed in the diary Scientific Reports found that about 78% of 35,921 members who utilized Noom shed pounds while utilizing the application over a 18-month time span. What’s more, strikingly, the clients who most steadfastly recorded what they had for supper lost more weight than the individuals who didn’t.

Another 2016 examination took a gander at Noom in relationship to diabetes anticipation. In that little examination, (36 overweight or stout members finished a 24-week virtual Diabetes Prevention Program conveyed by means of Noom’s foundation), 64% lost over 5% of their body weight. The investigation likewise found that members were “highly engaged” with the program, and that additional up to the application being compelling for prediabetes intercession.

The key with Noom is that emphasis on social change, which is proposed to assist clients with rolling out enduring improvements bringing about weight reduction. Moderate weight reduction has been appeared to diminish dangers for a few constant antagonistic wellbeing conditions including diabetes, coronary illness and even malignancy.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean eating routine has the advantage of being an entrenched and broadly suggested method of eating. “The Mediterranean diet has been researched for over 50 years and is recommended by the American Heart Association,” Ewing includes. What’s more, countless examinations have connected the Mediterranean way of life with a scope of medical advantages including:

  • Weight misfortune.
  • Heart wellbeing.
  • Diabetes anticipation and the board.
  • Brain wellbeing.

“Multiple studies and reviews have been published showing benefits for diabetes, cardiovascular health including stroke prevention, and limited data linking the Mediterranean diet to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and depression,” Collier says. Diminished hazard and better administration of Type 2 diabetes has additionally been related with the Mediterranean eating regimen. Since it’s high in fiber and cutoff points admission of handled and red meats, the Mediterranean eating regimen has additionally been related with a decreased danger of colon malignant growth.

Health Risks


Generally, the Noom approach should be possible in a solid manner, yet Ewing takes note of that “with any weight loss program, it’s important to consider the individual’s needs. Speak with your doctor or registered dietitian before starting any new diets to determine what is best for you.”

Michaelides includes, “in general, we don’t recommend our program for women who are pregnant,” and any individual who’s underweight or has a background marked by dietary issues ought to likewise stay away.

Another possible analysis of the Noom application is that it just permits clients to record calories. No other wholesome data is caught when clients log their suppers.

Ewing alerts that “the sustainability of the weight loss is up to the individual. The accountability and support from coaches and peers can certainly help you achieve weight loss goals. However, once you’ve met your goal, it’s important to ask yourself if this is something you can maintain long-term without the app.”

Mediterranean Diet

Additionally, the Mediterranean eating regimen is viewed as a sound methodology that has scarcely any, particular wellbeing dangers. All things considered, if partitions aren’t controlled, you may not get more fit or could even put on weight while following this way of life. Collier additionally takes note of that since red wine might be remembered for certain cycles of this eating routine, that could be an issue for people who shouldn’t be devouring liquor.



Noom’s lead program, the Healthy Weight Program, costs $59 every month, or $99 like clockwork. There’s likewise a free 14-day preliminary where you can evaluate the program for nothing to check whether the methodology works for you. Notwithstanding the program, you’ll be purchasing all the food you’ll expend while tailing it.

Mediterranean diet

It’s completely conceivable to follow a Mediterranean eating regimen while on a careful spending plan, and working with an enlisted dietitian may assist you with discovering more efficient methods of remaining in the rules for the arrangement.

Beans, mass entire grains and lentils are the absolute most affordable things in the supermarket, and on the grounds that the Mediterranean eating regimen includes heaps of these in addition to a lot of new, green verdant vegetables and cutoff points admission of costly cuts of red meat, it might be more practical than some different weight control plans. All things considered, fish, which is frequently a component of the eating regimen, might be more costly, so you’ll have to evaluate your spending plan and plan in case you’re attempting to adhere to a financial plan.

Which Is Better?

Mediterranean Diet
FoodLow-calories foods are emphasized.
Foods are divided into red, yellow and green categories based on calorie content.
You could follow a Mediterranean Diet while using Noom.
Plant-based approach with seafood and limited meat, poultry and dairy products. Meat, sweets and processed foods are limited.
Preference for whole foods over processed foods.
Features southern European flavors and foods such as olive oil.
Weight LossWith a focus on restricting calories and changing behaviors, this approach typically results in weight loss that may be sustainable.If portions are controlled, weight loss can be achieved and maintained.
Health RisksNo specific threats, but not recommended for pregnant woman or those with eating disorders.Generally considered a very healthy approach to eating with few health risks.
Health BenefitsWeight loss.
Improved relationship with food and better understanding of choices and behaviors.
Potential cardiovascular benefits, including lowered cholesterol and blood pressure; reduced risk of stroke; reduced risk of certain cancers; reduced risk of developing diabetes and better management of Type 2 diabetes.
Cost$59 per month, or $99 every two months plus the cost of food, which may be budget-friendly depending on choices.Cost of food, which may be budget-friendly depending on choices.

“In terms of which is best, this entirely depends on your goals and needs,” Ewing says. “There are no food groups that are off limits with either, which is key for compliance and sustainability.”

In either case, Ewing says the two weight control plans contrast well with the standard American eating routine. “The standard American diet is highly processed, containing a lot of added sugar and sodium. The Mediterranean diet and Noom both promote inclusion of minimally processed foods, and the two approaches can be combined.

As indicated by U.S. News and World Report’s 2020 Best Diet Rankings, the Mediterranean eating regimen positions no. 1 in general and is tied for no. 15 on the Best Diets for Weight Loss positioning rundown. Noom isn’t positioned in the study.

Ultimately, Ewing takes note of that “health and eating choices are very individualized; what works for one person won’t always work well for another.” Therefore, “it’s important to address all the components that affect your eating habits and opt for something that’s realistic and sustainable.”

In case you’re experiencing difficulty or feel befuddled about what approach may work best for you, “seek guidance from a registered dietitian,” she suggests.

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