What it takes to be a top luxury real estate producer – Aaron Gill’s 3 greatest assets

Aaron Gill has established himself as Chicago’s top luxury real estate producer and recently expanded his vision to California, where he’s been working on the Hope + Flower project in Downtown with Douglas Elliman & the Onni group. We’ve been watching his success in the past years and learned about the secrets of being a top luxury real estate producer.

1. Be genuinely curious and gather all the knowledge you can

Aaron Gill wants to know everything – about his clients, their lifestyle, preferences, their favourite dish. And he will make sure he already knows everything about the area the project is located in. So you’ll not only get your dream apartment but also know where to get your favourite dish closeby, your new favourite dish, your new morning run, your new favourite spot to go after work, the quickest way to get to the office and where’s best to park your car. We already know knowledge is power, but Gill is a master at gathering new and quickly linking the pieces of the puzzle to relay exactly what you need. A unique set of skills he says he picked up during his 4 years of working in a hospital and medical school prior to his decision to dedicate his full time to luxury real estate.

2. Constantly seek growth – on all levels

Gill knows that growth doesn’t happen if you only concentrate on one aspect of your life. Career, personal and physical growth are all connected and have to go hand in hand. Therefor he practices mindfulness and gratefulness every day, his hunger for more does not affect his appreciativeness for the current and the fact that he chose to live his dream. Besides the mental training, Aaron Gill works out almost daily and runs marathons, currently preparing for the New York City marathon next year, after this year’s event was suspended due to the worldwide pandemic. Physical endurance and focus are closely linked to the mental strength and a hugely underestimated career push, he emphasizes.

3. Work hard & trust your personality

Aaron Gill is working on prestigious class a projects between Chicago and Los Angeles, a difference of three time zones that extends his already long daily working schedule. The agency founder with the big smile knows that this can never affect the quality of his excellent service in any way – to perform at your highest level regardless of external or personal circumstances is key. Make sure you always love what you are doing and transfer that energy to your clients, they deserve it.