Who is Ghazal Dreadluck?  Examining the issue of beauty blogging in Iran

These days the market of bloggers is hot in various fields including travel, food and beauty.  All over the world there are those who produce content in one or more fields on their Instagram pages and YouTube channels.  Ghazal, known as Ghazal Dreadluck, is one of the famous Iranian bloggers and influencers.  He teaches self-makeup on Instagram and YouTube.  In this article, we are going to talk about this famous and controversial blogger.  If you are interested in such topics, stay with us until the end of this article

 Does Ghazal Dreadluck only make videos?

 Part of the work of Ghazal Dreadluck is the production of cosmetic content in the virtual space.  She now collaborates with various big cosmetic brands and advertises them.  And many awards have been won in this field

 She is also engaged in teaching makeup skills, so many students have started working in this field with his teachings.

 We don’t have to go back many years to see that bloggers were people with political, philosophical and social literacy.  In the past, there was no news of Instagram and YouTube, and bloggers became bloggers mainly through “writing”.  Today, the number of bloggers has increased a lot, and this is definitely the result of the widespread use of Instagram, YouTube, and the like.  Among bloggers, beauty bloggers usually have a larger audience and, of course, earn more.

 Who is a beauty blogger?

 A blogger is usually called someone who produces content and whose content is largely his own work.  By this definition, someone who translates and delivers written content from foreign languages ​​is not a blogger.  Or someone who presents foreign videos with Farsi subtitles is not a blogger.  Instead, someone who makes educational videos or someone who writes educational texts is a blogger.

 A beauty blogger is someone whose production content is in line with teaching makeup and beautification.  Beauty bloggers usually teach their audience how to apply makeup through photos and videos.  They also introduce creative tricks to beautify.