Why Microneedling Needs To Be On Your Service Menu

If you’re an esthetician, in the aesthetic industry, or even if you’ve ever had an interest in working in this industry, this article is for you. Microneedling is one of the most popular and beneficial treatments out there and it is extremely versatile.

If you’re unfamiliar with microneedling you may be picturing the bloody facial photos that Kim Kardashian posted a few years back. While this is a form of microneedling, not all treatments end in blood, fear, and pain. 

Microneedling is a procedure that involves tiny compact needles that repeatedly puncture the skin’s surface to mimic the body’s natural healing process. This process promotes the production of collagen and elastin and in turn, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, scarring, and create an overall more radiant complexion. 

When it comes to Microneedling, this company has it all. Scalpa is an aesthetics company that offers intuitive online training courses and high-quality supplies for those offering services in the industry. 

Bryce Cleveland, founder, and CEO of Scalpa, and his team have done extensive research and product testing to find the best Microneedling options out there. Some of the courses Scalpa has to offer includes basic microneedling and collagen induction, mesotherapy infusion through microneedling, bb-glow infusion through microneedling, and even a lip blushing course.

Collagen induction is a form of microneedling where plasma is reintroduced into the skin. Scalpa trains this course as a deep needling technique to induce bleeding and reinfuse back into the surface. Another form of collagen induction is drawing the blood directly from the body, spinning it to separate the plasma, and then needling it back into the skin. These are both advanced microneedling techniques and in most areas require some type of medical licensing. 

A less invasive approach that is gaining popularity around the world is mesotherapy infusion. Mesotherapy infusion is performed with serums packed with vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that typically target specific concerns. Some mesotherapy treatments include fat reduction, hair loss, excess hair, wrinkle reduction, blemish control, and even more. The procedure is customizable to each individual’s concerns and is extremely versatile. “The results we’ve seen from our students and customers is amazing,” says Cleveland. “What is great is that the serums can also be used topically after the procedure or sold at retail in their shops.” 

Another form of microneedling is actually done with a nanoneedle. A nanoneedle is composed of 81 silicon or stainless steel tips and does not enter past the stratum corneum (uppermost) layer of the skin. Scalpa utilizes this form of microneedling to infuse ‘bb-glow-like’ serums into the skin to leave a tint and lasting glow. The procedure is called Scalpa Shine and not only leaves an amazing radiance, but the serums also contain beneficial ingredients that help reduce the appearance of common signs of aging. 

Scalpa also offers a course that blushes the lips using a microneedling pen. This procedure is similar to permanent makeup in the sense that it uses lip pigments but instead uses a microneedling pen and the results are much more soft and subtle. If you’re familiar with microneedling and are already offering these other services, this is another great procedure to add to your list of treatments. 

Cleveland is continually looking for the newest and best treatments available and with the variety of options using microneedling, he suggests any practitioner or artist to start offering this service. With over 50 courses that Scalpa has to offer, Cleveland says, “you can really build your business, maximize your profit, and dive headfirst into this 50-billion-dollar industry and find success.”