Why WordPress is so popular?

Word press is a free and open-source web-publishing application and blogging tool which makes it easy to create responsive website. It is regarded as one of the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. WordPress is used to create a website in any style ranging from a simple blog to a complex business website and also we can create an online store with the utilization of WordPress. One of the plus points of WordPress is that to create a professional website you don’t have to learn any coding or designing skills and also it is free to use and modify. WordPress is used by over 7.5 million of sites of all sizes and niches. WordPress is so popular in today’s date because of it’s friendly, powerful, and versatile nature as well as due to site build in WordPress has good website speed. The following are some of the reasons for its popularity.

Open and free source:

One of the main reasons for the WordPress to be popular is that it is free to use and has open source. One can find it easily and it is easy to use and modify any website. In the virtual market, users are recommended and informed the easiest way to install the WordPress by their web hosting company. Even if they are not offered the way to install one can easily install it from official WordPress website without paying any amount of money. This web design software has decreased the financial burden of any person who are willing to develop their own website. If you need to modify anything on your website then you can do easily from the open source code as the open source community can answer any of your doubts and questions.

Ease of use:

It is rare to find a single software with both of the quality of power and easy to use in web design but it can be applied to WordPress. Anyone can create and edit the website without the proper knowledge of coding and HTML using WordPress. WordPress has made web design accessible to the general public by making it simpler to built a website. This practice has decreased the dependency of the people on the web experts and handed the power to the mass for the exploration of web design.


WordPress plugins reduces the extra monitoring and maintenance of the user because they do not require updates time and often. This is the best platform for those online business which have less budget and time for the maintenance. It requires very less time to update plugins and fee minutes for backup and maintenance. For most of the WordPress plugins users can modify by mixing and matching them to fit their needs. Plugins have function of marketing automation, search engine optimization, photo slideshow, e-commerce and many more.


With just a click of the button any users can build a professional looking website by using the theme. WordPress is user friendly content management system with the creative potential. Similar to the plugins themes run from lightweight framework to elegant powerhouses with variety of content and images. WordPress has a theme with more features and greater appearance which can be loaded in short time.


WordPress is popular for its versatile nature too. At present people use WordPress for making every kind of websites starting from simple blog, e-commerce site or photography portfolio. It loads quickly, makes optimizing images easy and includes tools to modify the sites which has kept WordPress in the top of SEO.

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