Windows 11 to produce multi-monitor enhancements

Windows isn’t especially notable for managing connecting and disconnecting extra monitors, and specifically, having to re-arrange your application windows once more when you interface your laptop to your desktop monitors.

Microsoft plans to fix that in Windows 11, for certain new options in the display management settings appearing.

The OS will presently remember where you left your window last time you associated with an external monitor, and take it back to a similar position when you reconnect once more.

Furthermore, it will minimise those windows when the external monitor is disconnected, which means you will not unexpectedly need to battle to discover the apps on your main monitor due to being covered by apps that were on your external monitor.

The enhancements ought to be especially welcome as laptops with external monitors progressively supplant desktops both at work and home.

Microsoft is relied upon to uncover everything new in Windows 11 on the 24th of June, which is presently a few days away.

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