Windows 11’s EdgeDeflector block is presently in public builds, pushing users towards Edge

We’ve covered Microsoft’s tricks in regards to its in-house Edge browser a few times previously, from making it harder to change your default browser in Windows 11 to some exceptionally unmitigated marketing messages when downloading rival browsers. Something we’ve seen the organization do as of late was blocking EdgeDeflector, a software that was intended to divert custom Windows 11 connections — which are intended to just open in Edge — to your default browser all things being equal. Presently, that square has carried out to all Windows 11 clients as a component of construct 22000.376.

At first, this EdgeDeflector block displayed in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program, so it was obvious that Microsoft was at that point intending to do this, however it was difficult to tell when it would occur. As revealed by HowToGeek, the most recent Patch Tuesday update carried out recently carried that square to the more extensive Windows 11 userbase, which means much more clients are presently compelled to utilize Edge.

This main applies to custom connections that are found in Windows 11 itself, for example, when you click a news story in the Widgets sheet or use Windows Search to look through the web. These connections utilize a custom controller that diverts them to the Edge browser, paying little heed to what your default is, which is the thing that EdgeDeflector attempted to change. It wasn’t the main software that did this, notwithstanding, as Mozilla’s Firefox browser accomplished something almost identical all alone.

Fortunately, not long after EdgeDeflector was impeded in Windows 11 Insider constructs, an elective arrangement appeared. This new application, referred to MSEdgeRedirect, utilizes an alternate methodology that as “channels and passes the order line contentions of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser”. At this point, it hasn’t been obstructed, so you can in any case utilize it to keep away from Edge no matter what. Nonetheless, not at all like different arrangements, this one requires the application to be running consistently to divert the connections to the default browser.

There’s a strong possibility Microsoft will attempt to impede this workaround, as well, so we don’t have the foggiest idea how long you’ll have the option to depend on it. For now, however, you can download MSEdgeRedirect from GitHub.

Browser creator Vivaldi as of late got down on Microsoft for its enemy of cutthroat practices with Edge, and we might dare to dream the organization will pay attention to input and loosen up its forceful Edge advertising. Late Windows 11 forms in the Dev channel have given a few indications of progress, with Microsoft adding a button to change the default browser in the Settings application.