The Bees NFT: decrypting this new NFT project

The Bees NFT is a brand new project we just found that looks very promising. With a roadmap focused on protecting web 3.0 and the environment, the creators’ promises are very strong and could have a real impact on the message shared with the NFT community.

In a period where NFT projects are born every day by the thousands, it can be rare to find original projects that offer real value, as it is the case with The Bees NFT project.

The Bees NFT team is composed of 6 people:

Julien C – Project Head

Thibault M – Lead Character Designer

Dimitri C. – Designer

Jonathan H – Developer

Amine L – Blockchain expert

Florian L – Public relations

A team composed of people with diverse profiles necessary for the construction of an NFT project. Let’s take a look at the road map which is the most exciting part of this project:

The founders will donate $100,000 of their profits to an organization that fights for the preservation of bees in the world.

Their species became increasingly endangered as evolution progressed, eventually becoming an endangered species. The extinction of bees has the potential to be a major planetary drama. Because without bees, there would be no biodiversity. There are no flowers, scents, or flavors without bees.

A promise that will entice many investors looking for one-of-a-kind projects that will deliver real value for money. By forming a strong and sustainable community around their project, The Bees NFT is able to spread a message on a large scale and federate around this environmental drama that far too few people are concerned about today. They also make it a point to protect the web 3.0; by putting concrete actions to fight against scammers in this environment.

A very promising road map that is different from what we are used to seeing, and that works for indispensable and important causes. This project will surely prove to be one of the most important ones revealed in the coming weeks. The market for NFTs is rapidly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities emerge on a daily basis. Without a doubt, NFT is the way of the future. Because the NFT market is attracting an increasing number of small and large-scale investors, it is an excellent way for them to spread their message on a global scale. The collection will be sold for 0.02eth per NFT.


“Poori” Famous new rapper on Iran and Turkey scene

The self-made rapper and singer, who is known in the world of entertainment and music, has achieved great success by releasing more than 20 tracks.

Pooria Bashari A.k.a Poori or Godpoori is a new phenomenon of the Iranian-Turkish hip hop scene that has been able to impress a large audience in recent years and attract the attention of many people,
He has been streamed more than a million times on music platforms, he has managed to get his signature on his songs.

He has been able to produce energetic music in the genres of trap and drill and inspired by the crimes of the city he lives in and combining it with the music of world.He has created a style for himself that no one before him has been able to do.

His music, which is ideal for sports clubs and while driving ,has been able to spread quickly in the community.Among poori’s positive points,we can mention his taste in creating visual content with the help of his best friend “Akio”, who is the director and editor of his visual works (who met in 2017).

He was able to share his works in the largest media in a short time.For example, we can mention the YouTube channel of Sony Music Turkey with +500k followers and sony’s Instagram page.

Their works, which have been viewed by thousands or millions on platforms and social media, have able to attract the attention of many critics.

His Instagram address page is: @Godpoori

He recently released an album called “پ”, this album introduced a new wave in the rap scene of Iran and Turkey.


A look at the music of southern Iran with Yousef Kohzad, a professional singer and musician

At the same time, Iran is culturally and ethnically diverse and diverse. One of the things that shows these cultural differences well is folk music or areas that have their roots in the distant past. From north to south and from east to west to every city we enter, the sound of the life of the people of that region can be heard from the sound of their instruments. In fact, the music of each region has its own characteristics in terms of tone and expression. In this article, we have studied the unique features of music in southern Iran.

Characteristics of southern Iranian music

Southern Iran is one of the regions that has a lot to say in the field of regional music, especially in the provinces of Khuzestan, Hormozgan and Bushehr. The music of southern Iran is one of the richest and at the same time the most complex music in the regions of Iran. We all know that the music of southern Iran is happy and taken from the warm nature of this region; But contrary to the beliefs of many audiences, this music is not very simple and has a variety of positions and customs.

It should be noted that this fervor can also be seen in the mourning of the south, which uses Sanch and Dammam to produce sad music, and the result is different from most music that narrates sorrow and pain and has a calm rhythm. In fact, one of the features that distinguishes southern folk music is its efficiency in religious ceremonies, which itself has distinctive songs and methods. Of course, southern rhythmic music is better known than its mourning music.

Bandari: It is the most famous way of performing music in the south, which is very similar to African music and is influenced by the music of African immigrants to the south of Iran. The music is cheerful and rhythmic. This music is played with the percussion instruments of tomba, tempo and anban reed, which is a wind instrument and is played in happy ceremonies and weddings.

Sabalo: One of the common forms in the local music of Hormozgan and Bushehr provinces is Sabalo. It is a song that accompanies the circle and is performed by singers sitting in a circle. The singers move their shoulders to the right and left as they perform the sebalo. Sabalo’s dance and music are also influenced by African music.

Yazleh: Another popular form of Yazleh is performed by a group of non-professional singers and is accompanied only by touching. In this music, the melody is the most important and the text is not given much importance. This form of southern Iranian music is one of the forms used in mourning ceremonies and is accompanied by breastfeeding.

Liva: This music, which is common in Hormozgan, is played for joy and is accompanied by dance. It is a kind of port music performance that has been influenced by Arabic and African music, especially the beaches of Zanzibar, and has come to this land. This type of music also uses large and small drums, such as Pipa, Joffa, Punka and Tovairi. This music is mostly performed in celebrations and is performed with individual and group dances with special rhythms.

Musician: The ritual ceremony is one of the most mysterious and at the same time the most complex music in Iran. In this ceremony, various instruments are used, one of which is called Tabireh or Tanbur. This instrument can only be played by “Baba Zar” or someone else who allows it; Is played. The percussion of this instrument is made of the horn of a cow or a sheep that has been sacrificed for the performance of a ritual. Zar is basically a healing ritual that people believe causes the demon to come out of the demon possessed body. In this ceremony, which is also called “Sar” in Somalia, a person named Babazar or Mamazar is in charge of the ceremony. In the music field, the tambourine instrument, the percussion instruments of Dahl, Dammam and Deira are used, as well as singing.

Music of southern Iran – music field – removing the jinn from the body of the demon possessed with music

 Azwa Dance: In the days of Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr and especially in weddings, a number of captains, spies and Qeshmi fishermen with large instruments and drums to the streets and squares of the city They come and dance and beat their feet as a sign of joy and happiness while playing the drums.

Nimeh Khani: It is the music of sailors. This music is played while working at sea. In the middle of a solo with a group of choirs, they sing songs that praise the sea.

Chavoshi: Chavoshi is called when escorting or when welcoming pilgrims. Chavoshi is also recited on the third night of Muharram, the night of Ashura or Arbaeen, among the lamentations (units) and during construction works, and so on. In general, Chavoshi song is sung when there is a need to strengthen the collective spirit. Chavoshi is sometimes sung as an exchange of songs between two or more people. Chavoshi singers should have a loud voice.

Shroveh: It is a kind of sad Dashtestani couplet singing and singing that is performed in the local language.

Shahnameh reading: It is sung with special songs in night parties.


MuskMelon – The Funnest Newest Entrant in Gaming and NFTs!

The word of 2021 as per Collins Dictionary was NFTs and it took off massively in Q4 of 2021 and has been a buzz all around. An NFT – non-fungible token – is a digital asset that represents a real- world object like, for example, the Charlie Bit My Finger video that sold for £500,000 back in May 2021. Since then many NFTs have found exclusive utilities as a part of Games and the use of NFTs means players can be the sole owner of an in-game item, and then choose to trade, sell or hold it. The idea that players can earn money from a game is not new, but NFTs are more secure and flexible.

Binance Gaming NFT today has a total of 16 projects listed as of March 2022 with a total of USD 884Mn in Volume. The crypto/NFT gaming scene is buzzing right now, and you probably won’t be surprised to see “the metaverse” being tossed around absolutely everywhere. Blockchain technology is no longer vaporware drifting on the horizon of the video game industry. It’s here.

Musk Melon is the latest addition to the world of NFTs and Gaming with a glimpse of the purposeful contributions to the real world. The platform is seemingly launched as patronage to Elon Musk and is evident on the platform’s landing page, which shows Mr Musk in various avatars. At the onset itself, the project seems extremely exciting as it creates an environment of interaction with the Founder of SpaceX with a little more involved NFTs around his life. Melon is the Native currency, which can be used to purchase NFTs, In-Game assets, and even contribute to the Ukraine Relief Fund.

The project has quite an interesting storyline that describes MuskMelon which is created by a MultiBilionaire and Influencer who is currently on a rampage on the Economic and Emerging Technology Landscape. Melon has made a lot of people angry with his wavery mind, fickle attitude and unrealistic plans. People from around are now seeking revenge on Melon. Melon has created mini melons and distributed himself amongst various universes. Now people have picked up the Baton and are hunting Melon across these universes (MiniGames). People would be able to create their own Avatars of Melons across the world and space and even host them up on the NFT Marketplace for Auction, Bid or Sale.

With the initially disclosed roadmap being till Q2 of 2022, it seems the Project is planning an extensive penetrative strategy with what seems like an almost fair public sale of 10Bn Melons from which only 5Bn will be released initially at USD 0.05 launch price with the sale starting on Bitmart and XT soon. Seems like a very interesting approach to the world of real-world NFTs. Definitely worth putting it on the best projects to watch out for in 2022.


Google carrying out Nest Hub UI upgrade that bootloops a few procedure simultaneously

Some Nest Hub proprietors today are awakening to a UI upgrade, however the update hopes to have bootlooped the Assistant Smart Display for other people.

This Nest Hub upgrade begins when you swipe down from the highest point of the screen. Rather than being taken to the “Home control” tab, which has been the situation since the last major upgrade in late 2020, you get a fast settings board. It’s suggestive of the first “Home View” interface when the Google Home Hub originally sent off in 2018.

The day/date is recorded in the upper left corner, while the time and any status symbols are displayed inverse that. Beneath you get a line of controls for brilliance, volume, crippling Sleep Sensing, don’t upset (DND), setting an alert, and settings. Control tiles for savvy gadgets in the Nest Hub’s present area balance this page. A “View rooms” alternate way is additionally present.

In the interim, swiping up from the lower part of the screen promptly opens the “app” cabinet as the settings strip is as of now not present. Getting to the launcher is presently not a two-venture process that initially requires a swipe and afterward tapping “See all” in the event that what you need doesn’t show up.

This makes for a fairly Pixel telephone like UI. Google broadly carried out the main cycle of the application cabinet in October of 2021 to the Nest Hub Max and second gen Hub.

This update began showing up for the time being for certain clients on the second gen Nest Hub, yet others are awakening to gadget bootloops. In particular, there’s a white screen with the four spots (in Google’s blue, red, yellow, and green tones) ceaselessly revolving around as opposed to booting up like typical.

Luckily, the convenient solution is to turn off the Nest Hub from power. In the wake of reconnecting the link, your gadget ought to continue to turn on like typical. This is a fairly sizable bug for Google’s update interaction, yet there ought to be no enduring gadget harm.

Those with this update are running Chromecast firmware adaptation 1.56.290464, however Software variant likely assumes the greater part in conveying the new UI.

Company Report

The 200-Megapixel Samsung Camera Sensor at long last shows up

Samsung chose to divulge a 200-megapixel camera last year and keeping in mind that the organization uncovered no accessibility anticipates the telephone, it seems like the camera is really coming this year. Notwithstanding, not in a Samsung or a Xiaomi telephone but rather all things being equal, in a Motorola gadget.

The 200-Megapixel Samsung Camera Looks Like it Needs to be on a GoPro
Indeed, you heard it right, the ISOCELL HP1 sensor was clearly caught on a genuine telephone. The telephone you can see is getting out and about on the Chinese web-based entertainment network Weibo as well as Twitter and it is of the Motorola Frontier. This is probably Motorola’s impending lead and to affirm further, it even has the HP1 name around the camera module. The name likewise makes reference to different specs including the optical picture adjustment along with the f/2.2 opening.

Albeit the impending Motorola Frontier may be accompanying the ISOCELL HP1 sensor, that doesn’t imply that Samsung or Xiaomi will not be utilizing it, if Motorola has no kind of selectiveness. In any case, it is likewise essential to recollect that the possibilities of Samsung delivering a telephone with this sensor are thin and quite possibly this sensor might observe its direction to a more reasonable telephone as Samsung does as such.

Regardless, I won’t disregard exactly the way in which large the sensor looks, we actually need to keep a watch out how precisely it performs and the innovation that goes behind bringing 200-megapixel pictures to the real world.


90’s Ape Club – An NFT collection for the 90’s kid to reshape the industry

The 90’s Ape Club team is excited to introduce their collection of characters inspired from the 90’s which have been designed by award winning Artist Keivo, who was named Young Cannes Lions Global 2021 Winner in Digital Art.

The 90’s was a magical time – the birth of the internet created the innovation of the website and email with the rise of CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL and more.

For the first time, people could make friends around the globe in a much more meaningful and connected way – not through pen pal letters or the digital equivalent of bulletin boards, but instead through chat rooms and GeoCities and TriPod – searches still had to be done through HotBot or AltaVista and your brand new 28.8 baud model on your brand new Intel Pentium machine running Windows 95 was Rad and L33T.

For many of us, culture and music reached a pinnacle – MTV was still playing music videos.  You probably still listen to the music from that age – 2Pac and Biggie, WuTang and Big L – you remember Ja Rule and DMX, Brittany and No Doubt – Nirvana and Soundgarden and STP and when you hear Jock Jamz you’re instantly transported back to a grade school or high school sports game – or maybe Mariah Carey’s “Hero” comes on the radio and you remember your first slow dances at the 8th grade mixer or maybe just remember watching Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan go HAM on the court – or the bright neon scrunchies and Hot Topic studded belts or chain wallets on JNCO pants that sagged so low they defied the physics being taught in your high school classroom.

Sound familiar? You might just be a 90s kid – or maybe you wish you were. The 90s Ape Club was created as a place for 90s kids (both in age and spirit) to come together for the next big rise of the internet: into the Metaverse.

Their goal is to rekindle that nostalgia and control our own destiny in the Metaverse with multicultural collaboration, 90s themed parties around the globe, and building an impassioned vision of the future. They want to make sure that this important era is preserved on the blockchain forever – and you can be part of it.

The collection contains 5,555 apes generated by Artificial Intelligence. The first 1,000 were minted in the OG mint and boast special Genesis traits, making them extremely rare.

What was the mint price for Genesis Apes?
0.055 ETH

What will be the mint price for presale and public sale?
Presale: 0.06 ETH Public sale: 0.08 ETH

Whitelisted members can mint up to 3 Apes per wallet during presale.

Any Apes that are not minted by whitelist members will be available in the public mint. During this mint, users will be able to purchase up to 10 Apes per wallet.


Being a 90’s Ape Club holder offers a number of impressive utilities as shown below:


The team has proposed 2 NFT conferences and meetups in 2022 exclusively for holders. One of these meet-ups will be held in early August in Slovenia while the other will be held in North America with the exact location TBA. Holders will also attend special online NFT conferences for members that can’t attend the IRL conferences. The goal is to share experiences and knowledge with the members as well as educate them about topics such as mental health and security in the NFT space, as well as the future of the metaverse.


The team are currently developing their exclusive P2E game which is set in an alternative 1991 Hollywood called ‘Apewood’. You will assume the role of your NFT hero on a revenge rampage against the underworld. It will be inspired by some of GameBoys classics back in the 90’s. Teasers of the game will be being released to the community in the near future. The game is set to be released in Q4. Alpha The team will also offer holders an alpha channel where they will have up-to-date information about existing and upcoming projects, exclusive whitelist opportunities, alpha alerts, special giveaways, and a host of other valuable information and benefits.


In addition to the Alpha opportunities, members will have access to premium 90’s Ape Club merchandise at exclusive prices. 20% of all Merchandise sales will be donated to a Monkey Sanctuary in New Zealand. Free t-shirts will also be provided for holders which we will distribute at one of the live conferences.


Sandbox and Decentraland integrations are coming in Q2 2022. 90s Ape Club holders will have access to private events in the Metaverse. More details about that will be announced soon.

The Public Mint date will be in April, the exact date is yet to be announced but you can keep up-to-date with all the latest 90’s Ape Club news and information on the links provided below.

Social Media:



Opensea: https://

Discord: hZfB3ngDTA



Introducing Raptor City – Two vibrant collections, in attempt to bring cutting-edge and excitement to the NFT Space

Raptor City team is pleased to announce its vibrant collections. It is a sprawling urban playground where every raptor has a unique story to tell. From the bustling piers of Brighthelm Bay to the glittering skylines of Seven Swords, there’s never a dull moment wherever you choose to spend your time in this lively City.

Within Raptor City there is a rich history, and the team will continue to tell its stories across a wide range of media in the near future.

They are inviting creative of all kinds to collaborate in the creation of an expanded universe. To facilitate this, they have created the Raptor City Story Bible – an encyclopedic guide to the history of Raptor City. Using the freedom afforded by NFTs, the aim is to maximise creativity while directly rewarding those collaborators.

Raptor City comprises of the following NFT collections – Clever Girls and Raptor City Rascals.

Clever Girls:

Clever Girls is a bold, striking collection featuring 5555 unique raptor avatars, algorithmically generated using over 200 hand-drawn assets created by Fat Baby NFT.

The project launched on the 1st of September 2021 and soon sold out! Since then, they have expanded their team and are currently hard at work on several cross-media projects to broaden the Clever Girls universe.

They have also collaborated with twelve hugely talented artists who have all reimagined Clever Girls in their own unique, distinctive styles. This groundbreaking concept is giving artists in the space a platform to bring their own Clever girls 1/1 NFTs to life.

All the gamers out there will love “Clever Girls Gone Wild”. A popular interactive game that allows holders to use their NFTs to play alongside other Clever Girls members.

Hidden among the collection are 9 Legendary items, custom-arranged to feature ‘impossible’ trait combinations.

Raptor City Rascals:

The second project featuring the aptly named ‘Rascals’ is bringing a community for the creators out there.

Made from over 160 hand-drawn assets, randomly combined to create avatars of varying rarity, these ‘Rascals’ come in three forms: Organic, Mech, and Shade.

The collection comprises 7000 Organics, 2000 Mechs, and 1000 Shades.

Holding a Raptor City NFT also provides access to the Black Market: a monthly pop-up shop offering everything from free mints and POAPs to limited-edition 1/1s and physical merchandise. In partnership with other creators, they hope to expand their offering to include a wide range of utility and benefits available exclusively to their holders.

There is still time to mint a Raptor City Rascal –

Mint price – 0.05 ETH

Raptor City is a place. The team want to take you there. They are exploring several options for bringing Raptor City to life, and look forward to exploring the city as a fully-realized metaverse virtual space in the not-too-distant future.

Social Media Handles:








Abtach Ltd, and its CEO Azneem Bilwani are Leveraging Modern Technologies

Abtach Ltd is the fastest growing IT company, the next-generation innovation partner working with its clients to create transformative digital solutions.  It has started its journey in 2015 with a very minimal team. The dedication of their workforce helps them to grow and prosper in recent years. Now they have a hard-working and intellectual workforce of over 300 skillful professionals.

Their workplaces are in the USA, China, Pakistan, UAE. They create digital strategies, build incredible interfaces, and build robust software to provide long-term future solutions Years of experienced have empowered their employees to master the art of digital marketing. Their employees are fully dedicated to helping their company prosper across the globe.

In a very short span of time, their company is standing among the best Top 10 It companies in Pakistan.  The competent employees of Abtach and their highly motivated leaders are the driving force behind the company’s success.

With the help of wonderful strategic planning and technical intelligence, they have helped their clients to boost their business markets effectively. Moreover, every recommendation made by their professionals is based on their practical experience which they got from various clients and comprehensive research.

It should be noted that to make things possible today what was impossible yesterday requires a great team effort and collaboration.

The CEO Of the Company and His Motto

Azneem Bilwani, one of the originators of Abtach Ltd is the Chief Executive Officer of the Abtach. He is a great entrepreneur exceptionally who worked with unbeatable determination to make Abtach a promising name in the IT industry.

The motto of Azneem Bilwani is to make new opportunities in the IT sector. A company with such incredible qualities of immenseness would be impossible to prosper without his far-sightedness and the day-night efforts of his diligent employees. He spoke once;

‘We have worked and put our every effort to make a digital difference and serve our clients with creative and unbeatable IT and digital solutions.

Ethics Of the Company

The passion of their leaders is the sole thing that drives their employees into performing exceptionally great for Abtach. They enjoy their job and love what they do. They have strong ties with IT enthusiasts who are committed to taking this company to the next level heights.

They value their employee’s concerns and privacy and respect their rights which is leading them into a win-win situation.

Services They Are Offering to IT Sector

1.      Mobile App Development

From the start to the successful end, Abtach focuses that their client must receive an app that is unique, innovative, engaging, and user friendly.

2.      Search Engine Optimization

The goal of the SEO team in Abtach is to help its clients to attain their desired outcomes and generate a steady flow of organic traffic. SEO team works day-night in order to track updates effectively of the fluctuating trends and challenging algorithms in SEO.

3.      Graphic Designing

They have a team of professional graphic designers who are exceptionally great in providing custom graphic designing services and creating indulging designs to transfer their client’s business message to their target audience creatively. They have proved it through the long-lasting influence that a great design must have while branding. They provide keen attention to every client’s project no matter if it is an established enterprise or a startup.

4.      Web Design and Development

In web designing and development they have a successful history of various projects done by enthusiastic web developers and designers, with them they plan to create a future. Their developers have launched numerous top-ranking websites. It is an art to design and develop a creative engaging website and the developer and designers in Abtach know it all how to perform this art. They offer a service of custom designing too. That makes your business stand out more in the world of digitalization.

5.      Social Media Management

They have highly skilled social media managers and executives who know the use of smart business techniques and the management of official social media business channels.

6.      Content Management

Their content providers practice producing unique and meaningful content to help businesses in conveying their messages effectively. They focus on providing well-researched content.

7.      Video Animation

Their highly-skilled team of animators is marvelous in turning images into animated videos and emphasis on generating revenue for the brands through animations.

8.      Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has now become a crucial part of businesses. Abtach provides a perfect way for the brands to digitalize their business, having a dedicating team of committed marketers that helps you in providing innovative digital solutions for your services.

Wrapping Up!

Their founders give whole and sole credit of success to their dedicating team consisting of highly skilled professionals. With their incredible efforts and struggle, they have gained clients’ trust and currently are in the leading position in the market.


Copanions Moves To Developing The Copiosa Exchange, As It Unleashes The Ultimate Rewards NFT Collection

Copiosa project, which was launched almost a year back, is pleased to update the community regarding its latest development of the Copiosa Exchange. The overall vision about the creation of a technology which allows Crypto to be used by every person, every day.

After a successful launch the developers created their affiliate NFT collection. Copanions are a collection of 10,000 entirely unique collectable NFT’s, located on the Binance smart chain network. Owning a Copanion acts as your very own membership token to the Copiosa ecosystem, bestowing redeemable benefits and special access across the platform. A bespoke rewards dashboard comes with each NFT, showing detailed analytics of your airdrop rewards as well as a host of other benefits.

After purchasing a Copanion NFT, users will gain access to rewards. Copanion holders will receive a monthly airdrop of 250 $COP the native exchange token for the Copiosa platform.

This will commence upon exchange launch, or at the point in which 50% of all Copanions have been sold. COP rewards will be paid directly into users’ wallet, where users can hold or exchange at their own discretion.

Users will receive these airdrops proportionately to how many NFT’s they own. In addition to the above, Copiosa now host a tournament for all NFT holders with over $25,000 in prizes.

Full details on the tournament can be found in the Discord channel.

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