The Bees NFT: decrypting this new NFT project

The Bees NFT is a brand new project we just found that looks very promising. With a roadmap focused on protecting web 3.0 and the environment, the creators’ promises are very strong and could have a real impact on the message shared with the NFT community.

In a period where NFT projects are born every day by the thousands, it can be rare to find original projects that offer real value, as it is the case with The Bees NFT project.

The Bees NFT team is composed of 6 people:

Julien C – Project Head

Thibault M – Lead Character Designer

Dimitri C. – Designer

Jonathan H – Developer

Amine L – Blockchain expert

Florian L – Public relations

A team composed of people with diverse profiles necessary for the construction of an NFT project. Let’s take a look at the road map which is the most exciting part of this project:

The founders will donate $100,000 of their profits to an organization that fights for the preservation of bees in the world.

Their species became increasingly endangered as evolution progressed, eventually becoming an endangered species. The extinction of bees has the potential to be a major planetary drama. Because without bees, there would be no biodiversity. There are no flowers, scents, or flavors without bees.

A promise that will entice many investors looking for one-of-a-kind projects that will deliver real value for money. By forming a strong and sustainable community around their project, The Bees NFT is able to spread a message on a large scale and federate around this environmental drama that far too few people are concerned about today. They also make it a point to protect the web 3.0; by putting concrete actions to fight against scammers in this environment.

A very promising road map that is different from what we are used to seeing, and that works for indispensable and important causes. This project will surely prove to be one of the most important ones revealed in the coming weeks. The market for NFTs is rapidly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities emerge on a daily basis. Without a doubt, NFT is the way of the future. Because the NFT market is attracting an increasing number of small and large-scale investors, it is an excellent way for them to spread their message on a global scale. The collection will be sold for 0.02eth per NFT.


90’s Ape Club – An NFT collection for the 90’s kid to reshape the industry

The 90’s Ape Club team is excited to introduce their collection of characters inspired from the 90’s which have been designed by award winning Artist Keivo, who was named Young Cannes Lions Global 2021 Winner in Digital Art.

The 90’s was a magical time – the birth of the internet created the innovation of the website and email with the rise of CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL and more.

For the first time, people could make friends around the globe in a much more meaningful and connected way – not through pen pal letters or the digital equivalent of bulletin boards, but instead through chat rooms and GeoCities and TriPod – searches still had to be done through HotBot or AltaVista and your brand new 28.8 baud model on your brand new Intel Pentium machine running Windows 95 was Rad and L33T.

For many of us, culture and music reached a pinnacle – MTV was still playing music videos.  You probably still listen to the music from that age – 2Pac and Biggie, WuTang and Big L – you remember Ja Rule and DMX, Brittany and No Doubt – Nirvana and Soundgarden and STP and when you hear Jock Jamz you’re instantly transported back to a grade school or high school sports game – or maybe Mariah Carey’s “Hero” comes on the radio and you remember your first slow dances at the 8th grade mixer or maybe just remember watching Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan go HAM on the court – or the bright neon scrunchies and Hot Topic studded belts or chain wallets on JNCO pants that sagged so low they defied the physics being taught in your high school classroom.

Sound familiar? You might just be a 90s kid – or maybe you wish you were. The 90s Ape Club was created as a place for 90s kids (both in age and spirit) to come together for the next big rise of the internet: into the Metaverse.

Their goal is to rekindle that nostalgia and control our own destiny in the Metaverse with multicultural collaboration, 90s themed parties around the globe, and building an impassioned vision of the future. They want to make sure that this important era is preserved on the blockchain forever – and you can be part of it.

The collection contains 5,555 apes generated by Artificial Intelligence. The first 1,000 were minted in the OG mint and boast special Genesis traits, making them extremely rare.

What was the mint price for Genesis Apes?
0.055 ETH

What will be the mint price for presale and public sale?
Presale: 0.06 ETH Public sale: 0.08 ETH

Whitelisted members can mint up to 3 Apes per wallet during presale.

Any Apes that are not minted by whitelist members will be available in the public mint. During this mint, users will be able to purchase up to 10 Apes per wallet.


Being a 90’s Ape Club holder offers a number of impressive utilities as shown below:


The team has proposed 2 NFT conferences and meetups in 2022 exclusively for holders. One of these meet-ups will be held in early August in Slovenia while the other will be held in North America with the exact location TBA. Holders will also attend special online NFT conferences for members that can’t attend the IRL conferences. The goal is to share experiences and knowledge with the members as well as educate them about topics such as mental health and security in the NFT space, as well as the future of the metaverse.


The team are currently developing their exclusive P2E game which is set in an alternative 1991 Hollywood called ‘Apewood’. You will assume the role of your NFT hero on a revenge rampage against the underworld. It will be inspired by some of GameBoys classics back in the 90’s. Teasers of the game will be being released to the community in the near future. The game is set to be released in Q4. Alpha The team will also offer holders an alpha channel where they will have up-to-date information about existing and upcoming projects, exclusive whitelist opportunities, alpha alerts, special giveaways, and a host of other valuable information and benefits.


In addition to the Alpha opportunities, members will have access to premium 90’s Ape Club merchandise at exclusive prices. 20% of all Merchandise sales will be donated to a Monkey Sanctuary in New Zealand. Free t-shirts will also be provided for holders which we will distribute at one of the live conferences.


Sandbox and Decentraland integrations are coming in Q2 2022. 90s Ape Club holders will have access to private events in the Metaverse. More details about that will be announced soon.

The Public Mint date will be in April, the exact date is yet to be announced but you can keep up-to-date with all the latest 90’s Ape Club news and information on the links provided below.

Social Media:



Opensea: https://

Discord: hZfB3ngDTA



Introducing Raptor City – Two vibrant collections, in attempt to bring cutting-edge and excitement to the NFT Space

Raptor City team is pleased to announce its vibrant collections. It is a sprawling urban playground where every raptor has a unique story to tell. From the bustling piers of Brighthelm Bay to the glittering skylines of Seven Swords, there’s never a dull moment wherever you choose to spend your time in this lively City.

Within Raptor City there is a rich history, and the team will continue to tell its stories across a wide range of media in the near future.

They are inviting creative of all kinds to collaborate in the creation of an expanded universe. To facilitate this, they have created the Raptor City Story Bible – an encyclopedic guide to the history of Raptor City. Using the freedom afforded by NFTs, the aim is to maximise creativity while directly rewarding those collaborators.

Raptor City comprises of the following NFT collections – Clever Girls and Raptor City Rascals.

Clever Girls:

Clever Girls is a bold, striking collection featuring 5555 unique raptor avatars, algorithmically generated using over 200 hand-drawn assets created by Fat Baby NFT.

The project launched on the 1st of September 2021 and soon sold out! Since then, they have expanded their team and are currently hard at work on several cross-media projects to broaden the Clever Girls universe.

They have also collaborated with twelve hugely talented artists who have all reimagined Clever Girls in their own unique, distinctive styles. This groundbreaking concept is giving artists in the space a platform to bring their own Clever girls 1/1 NFTs to life.

All the gamers out there will love “Clever Girls Gone Wild”. A popular interactive game that allows holders to use their NFTs to play alongside other Clever Girls members.

Hidden among the collection are 9 Legendary items, custom-arranged to feature ‘impossible’ trait combinations.

Raptor City Rascals:

The second project featuring the aptly named ‘Rascals’ is bringing a community for the creators out there.

Made from over 160 hand-drawn assets, randomly combined to create avatars of varying rarity, these ‘Rascals’ come in three forms: Organic, Mech, and Shade.

The collection comprises 7000 Organics, 2000 Mechs, and 1000 Shades.

Holding a Raptor City NFT also provides access to the Black Market: a monthly pop-up shop offering everything from free mints and POAPs to limited-edition 1/1s and physical merchandise. In partnership with other creators, they hope to expand their offering to include a wide range of utility and benefits available exclusively to their holders.

There is still time to mint a Raptor City Rascal –

Mint price – 0.05 ETH

Raptor City is a place. The team want to take you there. They are exploring several options for bringing Raptor City to life, and look forward to exploring the city as a fully-realized metaverse virtual space in the not-too-distant future.

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Copanions Moves To Developing The Copiosa Exchange, As It Unleashes The Ultimate Rewards NFT Collection

Copiosa project, which was launched almost a year back, is pleased to update the community regarding its latest development of the Copiosa Exchange. The overall vision about the creation of a technology which allows Crypto to be used by every person, every day.

After a successful launch the developers created their affiliate NFT collection. Copanions are a collection of 10,000 entirely unique collectable NFT’s, located on the Binance smart chain network. Owning a Copanion acts as your very own membership token to the Copiosa ecosystem, bestowing redeemable benefits and special access across the platform. A bespoke rewards dashboard comes with each NFT, showing detailed analytics of your airdrop rewards as well as a host of other benefits.

After purchasing a Copanion NFT, users will gain access to rewards. Copanion holders will receive a monthly airdrop of 250 $COP the native exchange token for the Copiosa platform.

This will commence upon exchange launch, or at the point in which 50% of all Copanions have been sold. COP rewards will be paid directly into users’ wallet, where users can hold or exchange at their own discretion.

Users will receive these airdrops proportionately to how many NFT’s they own. In addition to the above, Copiosa now host a tournament for all NFT holders with over $25,000 in prizes.

Full details on the tournament can be found in the Discord channel.

Social links:






JetPack Cat Launches Its Play-To-Earn NFT Collection

JetPack Cat is a 7,777 piece NFT collection minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each JetPack Cat is equipped with a special designed JetPack system that gives them precise control to travel to the space or until the gas tank empty.

About JatPack Cat NFT

The NFT holders get access to the weekly play-2-earn tournaments to compete with other Jetpack Cats.

The first 300 OG JetPack Cat Genesis NFT will be on sale around end of February. Whitelist winners will be able to mint at a discount price and to avoid gas war the day before their public mint day. The smart contract will adapt the ERC-721A standard, which aims to give users over 5000% of gas saving when minting multiple NFTS.

Requirements of the first 300 OG JetPack Cat Genesis NFT – For users to stay active and help other Cats in the community – Invite 6 friends to the official JetPack Cat discord server – Attend at least one of our AMA

OG JetPack Cat Benefits

The benefits in becoming OG JetPack Cat includes – 3 legendary Jetpack Cat NFTS will be airdropped to 2 lucky OG JetPack Cat Genesis NFT holders – Less wait time in between each p2e game, increasing chances to win ETH weekly. – Unlock OG Cat only channel to form a close circle with other OG Cats.

The JetPack Cat team are also currently exploring a potential VX version which could be used in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Pre-mint will be available very soon, all announcements will be made via the JetPack Cat social media channels & Discord community.

Social Media:



Media Details:

Company Name: JetPack Cat NFT




An NFT Project, “AHM” (Walt Disney), $3 Million For Anyone Who Can Mint. “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” Going Viral

AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) by Walt Disney has come up with a new policy as regards their free NFT giveaway. Meanwhile, countless top investors offering $3 Million for any minted NFT. However, if the lucky minter was to wait just a year, the value will be at $15 Million at least.

If anyone can do a small research,Walt Disney” is beginning to work on some “Adult Contents for 18 years or older” starting 2021. You will find this information confirming Walt Disney is in progress of Adult Content films and this NFT Project is one of their first “Adult Content” that they have been promising.

To learn more detail about Walt Disney’s Solana NFT Project called “Ape’s Hidden Mistress”, it is best to visit their Discord channel, but anyone can also visit their website to learn.

Currently, Ape’s Hidden Mistress is confirmed to be associated with Walt Disney; however they wish to keep it un-announced, until their first official film is ready in March 2021.

Walt Disney decided to join “Adult Content Films” as it is one of the biggest markets in the world. Additionally, adults have much more money than young children. AHM will be one of their official first 18+ Adult Content films with NFT involved. There are currently $1 Million to $3 Million countless offers for their NFT by all the top investors in Wall Street.

Anyone who successfully mint an NFT of Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) of Walt Disney in December 2021can now be considered as a multi-millionaire because of $3 Million offers for a minted NFT but, it’s highly recommended to keep it for just a year, as each NFT will worth $15 Million to $50 Million within just one year.

Walt Disney has many investment plan for NFT minters and holders that basic money every NFT will give is minimum $15,000 USD every month and on top of that, there are weekly giveaways and gifts.

The most importantly, they will be giving away some percentage from the earning from the film. That is where the big money comes from and it is confirmed that AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) and Walt Disney are working on many more projects than just Tarzan.

That is why all the investors are offering $1 Million for a minted NFT and $3 Million for a “Wallet that minted an NFT”.

Even though all secondary holders of Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFT will be earning 6-7 digits easily, the minters, who originally minted in December, are guaranteed to make several million dollars.

The smart Wall Street investors already know this because they know many things that general population does not know. It’s a reason why they are offering $3 Million for a minter wallet.

It was said that all minting costs will be utilized to sweep floors, support their weekly surprise, and provide exciting gifts. To all those who successfully and luckily mint in December, just basic earning without any commission from earnings or events is at least $15,000+ in Solana per month.

The big sum of money will start coming in (7 digits) as soon as the films start playing in 2022 March. It is known that there are many more projects like Tarzan coming up, which is why the value is at $3 Million Dollars currently for just one NFT.

It’s odd to see Walt Disney doing an Adult Content films, but it has been confirmed and anyone can search on Google, “Walt Disney Adult Content”, and they will easily able to find 2021 is their starting year for the “Adult Content Walt Disney”.

Until the last day before the launch, a daily random free mint giveaway will take place. More information is available on their Discord, Twitter, and website.

Their random giveaways have a better chance of succeeding in the coming weeks because many prominent investorsbelieve AHM will sell out in 2 seconds, if a fair mint system is not applied)

Their official website is: and these are the link to their Twitter & Discord

Don’t forget that their “Random Giveaway Rule Changed”. As of now, their daily random giveaway is for those who are online at a random moment during any time of the day. So, it wouldn’t hurt to just leave the computer on to have a chance to win a free $3 Million NFT.


First every NFT Crypto Auto show in the world. L promises to reward each attendee with an NFT from famous NFT artist. BiG Comic Art

On November 20th and 21st the world will see come to life the very first crypto NFT car show. I will be issuing approximately 8000 NFTs which will be used as tickets to access this incredible design and concept show.

Each NFT issued will comprise of a section of an image which when put together will make one of the 36 displayed vehicles at this incredible event. This is designed to make these NFTs very valuable and collectibles. Approximately 222 NFTs will be issued to complete each image of the cars in display.
“Just imagine collecting all 222 This will give you exclusive completed NFT of one of the exhibiting cars” . Said the spokesman from

Not only would access be only with NFTs but crypto will be the only currency used at this event. This incredible new collaboration is obviously in the forefront of technology as we know today.

Below is the link for you to register free of charge to be able to be eligible to collect your NFT for access to the are please to announce participation of Chryslers vintage division, showing for the first time in a long time the incredible 1963 Chrysler turbine of the ’60s which shocked the world with its concept design at that time. will consist of three categories.
Past concepts
Present concepts
Future concepts

Make sure you download your free tickets soon to secure your NFT to access this event

For more info please email

About the 1963 Chrysler Turbine

In the 1950s and early 1960s, the Jet Age reached its peak in America. From sci-fi movies to heavily-stylized kitchen appliances, Americans were obsessed with jets, rockets, and space travel. Thanks in large part to designers like Harley Earl, American cars were heavily influenced by the world of aviation, first with the tail fins of the late 40s, later morphing into the wild looking afterburner-motif taillights, flight-deck inspired dashboards, and names likeJetfire, Rocket 88, andSatellite. But aside from the superfluous styling cues, advanced aviation technology also influenced the engineering departments of the big three. Chrysler emerged as a leader in adapting aerospace tech for the road. Their research into alternative power sources began before World War II, which led the US military to sponsor the development of a turboprop engine for aircraft. In the 1950s, Chrysler engineers capitalized on that experience and set about developing the gas turbine engine for automobile use. The turbine had a few shortcomings to making it ideal for use in an automobile, such as the lack of engine braking, high fuel consumption, high heat, and acceleration lag. But it had enormous potential thanks to its relative simplicity, near-silent operation, exceptional power-to-weight ratio, and low maintenance. Chrysler’s first successful track test came in 1954, followed by a 3,020-mile cross-country test, using a turbine-powered ’56 Plymouth sedan. That experience fueled a new generation of turbine engines that was more powerful, compact, and efficient than ever before. They followed that successful test with the wild-looking, Exner-designed Turboflite concept car, which toured the country to gauge public reaction to a gas-turbine automobile. With enthusiasm high, Chrysler announced in February 1962 that it would build approximately 50 turbine-powered cars for a public real-world test program. Styling was done in-house, overseen by the new design chief, Elwood Engel. Engel replaced Exner in 1961 and introduced a more sophisticated, slab-sided design language, which he honed while working at Ford – which explains the Turbine’s passing resemblance to a late 50s Ford Thunderbird. The jet-age motifs were more subdued than the wild fins and chrome of the Exner era, and the Turbine Car was understated yet distinctly elegant. To save on tooling costs, Chrysler contracted with their longtime partners Ghia in Turin, Italy, to build the body shells, which were then shipped to Michigan to mate with their bespoke chassis. All except one were painted a unique shade of bronze with a black vinyl roof and bronze interior. Fifty-five Chrysler Turbine Cars were built, encompassing five prototypes and 50 production cars. Chrylser opened the program to a nationwide pool of applicants who vied for a chance to drive one of the vehicles free of charge, for three months at a time over two years. It allowed Chrysler to compile massive amounts of data and priceless public relations from a relatively small pool of vehicles. After the highly publicized test program, all 50 cars returned to Chrysler for evaluation. Engineers crash-tested one prototype and, to prevent the remaining lot from becoming “used cars” and tarnishing the project’s image, consigned 45 of the remaining production cars to a Detroit scrapyard where they were summarily crushed and burned. While this seems appalling today, it is not uncommon for a manufacturer to destroy prototypes to protect their technology. Thankfully, one Chrysler exec came up with the idea of setting a few cars aside for static display in educational museums around the country. Nine were spared, including three retained by Chrysler. At the same time, six went respectively to the Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, MO, The Henry Ford, The Smithsonian Institution, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (later the Petersen Automotive Museum), the Detroit Historical Museum, and the Harrah Collection Museum of Reno, NV.


Jalen Suggs reports he’s going pro with an NFT

Toward the beginning of April, Gonzaga guard Jalen Suggs made NCAA history by nailing the first semi-finals buzzer beater in over 40 years. With simply 3.3 seconds left on the clock, he progressed up the hardwood and hit a three-pointer from simply past the half court line. The shot sent Gonzaga to the national championships where they at last lost to Baylor.

With Suggs currently heading to the NBA draft and expected to land some place among the best three picks, he’s auctioning off a commemorative NFT celebrating the moment. Named “The Shot,” the token is attached to an artwork that shows Suggs siphoning his fist and smiling. An NFT, for those still uncertain about what they’re about, is an approach to attach an intangible asset for a particular token that is unalterable.

Which isolates the NFT Suggs is selling from a significant number of the ones we’ve found in the past is that he’s additionally including the shoes he wore during the game, which he has likewise signed with his autograph. That is to say the individual who wins the closeout will get a tangible asset. College athletes commonly can’t adapt what they did in school, yet Suggs appears to have tracked down an astute workaround in that the artwork approximates a career-defining moment as opposed to imitating it wholesale.