The Bees NFT: decrypting this new NFT project

The Bees NFT is a brand new project we just found that looks very promising. With a roadmap focused on protecting web 3.0 and the environment, the creators’ promises are very strong and could have a real impact on the message shared with the NFT community.

In a period where NFT projects are born every day by the thousands, it can be rare to find original projects that offer real value, as it is the case with The Bees NFT project.

The Bees NFT team is composed of 6 people:

Julien C – Project Head

Thibault M – Lead Character Designer

Dimitri C. – Designer

Jonathan H – Developer

Amine L – Blockchain expert

Florian L – Public relations

A team composed of people with diverse profiles necessary for the construction of an NFT project. Let’s take a look at the road map which is the most exciting part of this project:

The founders will donate $100,000 of their profits to an organization that fights for the preservation of bees in the world.

Their species became increasingly endangered as evolution progressed, eventually becoming an endangered species. The extinction of bees has the potential to be a major planetary drama. Because without bees, there would be no biodiversity. There are no flowers, scents, or flavors without bees.

A promise that will entice many investors looking for one-of-a-kind projects that will deliver real value for money. By forming a strong and sustainable community around their project, The Bees NFT is able to spread a message on a large scale and federate around this environmental drama that far too few people are concerned about today. They also make it a point to protect the web 3.0; by putting concrete actions to fight against scammers in this environment.

A very promising road map that is different from what we are used to seeing, and that works for indispensable and important causes. This project will surely prove to be one of the most important ones revealed in the coming weeks. The market for NFTs is rapidly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities emerge on a daily basis. Without a doubt, NFT is the way of the future. Because the NFT market is attracting an increasing number of small and large-scale investors, it is an excellent way for them to spread their message on a global scale. The collection will be sold for 0.02eth per NFT.