What is the philosophy of music?  What is good or bad music?  Hamed Hami, a prominent musician, is here to answer

The whole universe is in a certain order and harmony.  The order that the Creator of the universe has created in creating the phenomena and the relations that govern them.  The order that the system-maker has created so wisely, that if we manipulate a part of it, the ruling order will change and maybe a systemic turmoil.  Science is the truth that all parts of the universe carry.  Man is the only creature in the universe that catches these sciences with an epistemological hunting network.

 Understands, describes, explains and formulates the ruling order between the systemic components of the universe.  With the epistemological tools of sight, numerical and geometric order of objects and with the epistemological tools of hearing, the hidden word along with their phenomena and theoretical rules and in the process of logical analysis with the tools of the mind and in the process of thinking in the form of a written thing.  It records the facts of existence.  The capable man becomes the bearer of knowledge.  Theory;  Which is the same general rule and has the ability to explain many phenomena and has three characteristics of belief, honest justified in a methodical process, is taken from the world of existence to the world of knowledge and in the form of propositions or models and images,  Cognition or this – is the same.

 Intermediate sciences such as speech, number and geometry, which are in the middle world and metaphysics, are tied to the world of physics and are discovered and recorded by man.  Some of these sciences, or rather, the intermediate phenomena between the world of meaning and physics, sometimes take on an independent identity.  Sciences such as arithmetic, geometry, and logic are not inherently science and are considered as cognitive tools that maintain mental order as well as keep the mind safe from error.  Numbers that regulate the components of the universe and in other words form mezzanines in the form of numerical equations, when they engage with the physical world!  They take on different identities.  For example, the number of times it is tied to sound forms the science or art of music.

 Sound, when it is in mathematical form;  Makes music science or art.  Music is a science;  Because it has fixed rules and music is art;  Because melodies and notes enter the imagination of the musician as a spiritual matter.  Music;  The order of sounds and the sequence of beats and percussions on the five lines carrying the bass notes.  Music;  It has seven notes and four steps (Major, minor, Pentatonic and modal) and in intra-step modes such as pentatonic step, it can be distinguished into natural, harmonic and melodic, which starts from the bottom and reaches a peak with a certain rhythm and in a logical cycle.  The zero point returns to the bottom.  Sounds are physical things that can be transmitted in the wave bed.  Determining the intervals of sound transmission on the bed of waves, which in the form of mathematics takes on a poetic state, forms the same music or theology.

 The order and harmony between the components of the sound must be properly arranged.  The pitch of the sounds should be placed in the correct sequence or sequence in eight steps one to eight, and the arrangement of the sounds in a sound and silence arrangement and incorrect pitch should be avoided.  The main purpose of music is the listener, but as we have said, sound is mounted on short and long wavelengths or the same frequencies;  Brain waves directly affect the entire human outer covering, or rather the environment.

 The philosophy of music science or art can be studied on the basis of human states in a neurological and physiological approach;  That is, from the researcher’s point of view, human states are states of the type;  Sleep, anger, sadness, happiness, thinking, madness, excitement, fear, etc. are divisible and have a physiological and neurological outcome.  In music science, reverse engineering takes place;  In this way, musician and a neurologist use mathematical science to encode brain waves in numerical spectra;  Alpha, beta, gamma, etc., which indicate the distance of wavelengths, act in different human states.  After coding, the mathematician decodes the brain waves and provides a simplified equation to the musician, who places the sounds on a numerical basis and finally designs notes that, when played by a musical instrument,  The same condition occurs in humans.

 Music that brings sadness, joy, anger, madness, excitement, fear, suicide, etc.  It’s a little hard to believe that with a style of music that draws the audience to the point of insanity and suicide.  The incontinence of the listener and the approach of the brain waves to the state of drowsiness create a kind of introversion and detachment from reality in the person, and finally it is given to the musician in a state of ecstasy and spontaneity.  He is fascinated by the sound and beat of the musical corner and has no choice but to escape.

 Music is a science that is based on mathematical rules and is based on human states.  By listening to music that has a specific wavelength and beat, one is placed in the state intended by the composer.  The effect of music may be different from each other based on time, place and human conditions and take on a relative state, but the reality is that sad music will inevitably have an effect of sadness on the audience and happy music will have an effect on Ebtehaj!  And stories against it.

 The effects of music, which is studied in the science of waves and sounds, also affect the brain and endocrine systems;  In this way, happy and exciting music, like a drug, causes a false release of dopamine and an effect, such as amphetamines, which are stimulants and stimulants and have cocaine-like effects.  These substances increase the speed of communication between the brain and the body by affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain.  The spectrum of human states has a direct effect on human brain waves and physiological states compared to the spectrum of music.

 Human physiological states such as blood flow velocity, heart rate and pulse, high or low blood acid, etc. due to stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems cause the formation of the same states as in the background and background of musical numbers and sounds.  Is hidden.  It may be interesting to hear that there is music in our environment right now that makes a person without drugs in the traditional and industrial LSD spectrum feel like people addicted to these drugs.  An example of this can be seen in the moods of people and listeners of rallies and dances of famous singers.

 The harmony in music is considered as a container and it is considered by some researchers to have no direct effect on humans and they pay attention to the content or text of the singer of a music and this is a big mistake;  Because music stimulates human states and content such as Quranic verses or great poems such as Hafez and Saadi with long mystical themes may be produced and published by a reciter or singer, but this art and product cannot and should not be  Regardless of the governing mathematics considered.

 A reciter and a muezzin also show their voice in the music corner and cause sadness and excitement in the audience.  Certainly, by referring to the history of Islamic civilization, we can trace this science and art in great works such as the second teacher;  Farabi and also Sheikh Al-Rais Bu Ali Sina and … saw.  Music is one of the few arts and skills that children had to learn in order to be educated with a wisdom-based approach, along with other sciences and technologies, by experienced teachers at an early age.

 We are not independent of order and harmony around us and this science must be considered at the strategic scientific-artistic levels.  Because from my point of view, as a cultural analyst, I am researching especially in art products, I can not believe that in the map of Science published by the West!  And sees music in a structural, human, budgetary and programmatic density, to produce music without purpose.  I can not ignore the fact that no harmony is ineffective on human states!  When a prominent singer grows old with light, sound and movement;  It makes my audience ecstatic, I do not see the hidden hands of art philosophers, mathematicians, musicians and neurologists behind the scenes of dancing and TV shows.

 Now I am addressing those in charge of the field of music art, why our scientific-artistic community has left the field of music art research with a scientific approach and only as an observer of the consumption of any kind of harmony and musical format in the rap, rock  And blues and … which have a direct effect on the audience!  Their only art is to manipulate the notes and inject so-called audited content, such as color and smell, with a little manipulation.  Such negligent harms in musicology lead to the flow of these harmonies in the context of songs, chants, recitations, eulogies, examples of which can be easily seen in some gatherings.  The lack of proper standards for determining the indicators of good and bad music leads to the publication of various products, which shows the unbridledness of this field of art;  It is a sign of negligence and perhaps lack of correct understanding of the science or art of music in the scientific community, including universities and seminaries.

 Establishment of specialized research institutes to identify human conditions and emitted waves in neurological systems and gland interactions in the physiological system in dealing with musical waves is essential.  Music is an interdisciplinary science that mathematicians, musicians, experienced neurologists of the country, centered on one or more philosophers of the art of music, should be analyzed on a table and in the form of specialized teams in a coherent program with analysis of the situation.  Exist and draw the desired space by determining scientific indicators.  The transitional and educational approach is based on research and determination and determination of the limits and limits of this phenomenon affecting the Islamic society, which those in charge of this matter in the field of culture and art should take action at a strategic level.