All aboard! The Bullyz Crew ship is about to set sail on Solana

The Solana community is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming launch of the Bullyz Crew NFT project.

The project, which is an original pirate-themed franchise based on an animated 3D collection of idiotic and degenerate little pirates, is the first offering from a doxxed, pro-3D studio with over 50 years of accumulated experience.

The team behind the project has spent thousands of hours crafting the best 3D animated art, and is now ready to launch the collection, which will fund the production of the pilot for an audiovisual adaptation of the franchise through the production and distribution of a TV show on a major platform such as Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+.

Holding a Bullyz grants many perks such as Bullyz IP rev share, access to Bullyz Treasure Hunts, Bullyz airdrops, mini-games, private online and IRL events, and limited-edition merchandise. The studio’s goal is to make Bullyz Crew a brand and IP that pushes all boundaries and becomes the new pirate phenomenon.

The studio will make it a mission to innovate for the whole scene and find legal ways to rev share with the community. The founding team has been running the animation studio together for 6 years and have worked with companies and projects such as McDonalds, Asterix, Minions, DIOR, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more.

The Bullyz pirate NFTs are each algorithmically generated from more than 120 3D traits spread over 12 different trait categories. Additionally, the Shipz NFTs are an animated 3D collection of 3333 shipz that grant access to unique airdrops and mini-games, as well as the Bullyz WL mint, which is the main collection. Shipz are available to collect now on Magic Eden.

Treasure hunts are also a regular thing aboard the Shipz!

Bullyz Crew have invented a fun and viral mini-game where you can tweet to send expeditions at specific GPS coordinates to find a $2000 treasure.

The only thing given as hints are the treasure map and daily reports of the furthest expedition from the actual treasure position. Community members launched more than 4000 expeditions through 5 different treasure hunts and won more than $10000 already!

Bullyz will be launching on Magic Eden launchpad on Feb 5th!

Sunday Feb 5th — 3pm UTC: Captain’s mint (for captains only) with a mint price of 4.4 sol

SOL and 3333 Bullyz being minted. Shipz are needed to mint Bullyz, and there will be a guaranteed mint with no whitelist over-allocation.

Sunday Feb 5th — 6pm UTC: Public mint (free access) with a mint price of 5.4 SOL and 1922

Bullyz being minted, including any leftovers from the Captain’s mint. This will be a first come, first served basis and no shipz are needed to mint Bullyz during this time.

The mint information is as follows:

Shipz mint price: Free mint

Shipz supply: 3,333

Bullyz mint price: 4.4 / 5.4 SOL

Bullyz supply: 5,555

The Bullyz Crew launch is highly anticipated and promises to be a fun and rewarding experience for the Solana community! For more information, visit the project’s website, whitepaper, and mindmap, or join their Discord and Twitter community.

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