An NFT Project, “AHM” (Walt Disney), $3 Million For Anyone Who Can Mint. “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” Going Viral


AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) by Walt Disney has come up with a new policy as regards their free NFT giveaway. Meanwhile, countless top investors offering $3 Million for any minted NFT. However, if the lucky minter was to wait just a year, the value will be at $15 Million at least.

If anyone can do a small research,Walt Disney” is beginning to work on some “Adult Contents for 18 years or older” starting 2021. You will find this information confirming Walt Disney is in progress of Adult Content films and this NFT Project is one of their first “Adult Content” that they have been promising.

To learn more detail about Walt Disney’s Solana NFT Project called “Ape’s Hidden Mistress”, it is best to visit their Discord channel, but anyone can also visit their website to learn.

Currently, Ape’s Hidden Mistress is confirmed to be associated with Walt Disney; however they wish to keep it un-announced, until their first official film is ready in March 2021.

Walt Disney decided to join “Adult Content Films” as it is one of the biggest markets in the world. Additionally, adults have much more money than young children. AHM will be one of their official first 18+ Adult Content films with NFT involved. There are currently $1 Million to $3 Million countless offers for their NFT by all the top investors in Wall Street.

Anyone who successfully mint an NFT of Ape’s Hidden Mistress (AHM) of Walt Disney in December 2021can now be considered as a multi-millionaire because of $3 Million offers for a minted NFT but, it’s highly recommended to keep it for just a year, as each NFT will worth $15 Million to $50 Million within just one year.

Walt Disney has many investment plan for NFT minters and holders that basic money every NFT will give is minimum $15,000 USD every month and on top of that, there are weekly giveaways and gifts.

The most importantly, they will be giving away some percentage from the earning from the film. That is where the big money comes from and it is confirmed that AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) and Walt Disney are working on many more projects than just Tarzan.

That is why all the investors are offering $1 Million for a minted NFT and $3 Million for a “Wallet that minted an NFT”.

Even though all secondary holders of Ape’s Hidden Mistress NFT will be earning 6-7 digits easily, the minters, who originally minted in December, are guaranteed to make several million dollars.

The smart Wall Street investors already know this because they know many things that general population does not know. It’s a reason why they are offering $3 Million for a minter wallet.

It was said that all minting costs will be utilized to sweep floors, support their weekly surprise, and provide exciting gifts. To all those who successfully and luckily mint in December, just basic earning without any commission from earnings or events is at least $15,000+ in Solana per month.

The big sum of money will start coming in (7 digits) as soon as the films start playing in 2022 March. It is known that there are many more projects like Tarzan coming up, which is why the value is at $3 Million Dollars currently for just one NFT.

It’s odd to see Walt Disney doing an Adult Content films, but it has been confirmed and anyone can search on Google, “Walt Disney Adult Content”, and they will easily able to find 2021 is their starting year for the “Adult Content Walt Disney”.

Until the last day before the launch, a daily random free mint giveaway will take place. More information is available on their Discord, Twitter, and website.

Their random giveaways have a better chance of succeeding in the coming weeks because many prominent investorsbelieve AHM will sell out in 2 seconds, if a fair mint system is not applied)

Their official website is: and these are the link to their Twitter & Discord

Don’t forget that their “Random Giveaway Rule Changed”. As of now, their daily random giveaway is for those who are online at a random moment during any time of the day. So, it wouldn’t hurt to just leave the computer on to have a chance to win a free $3 Million NFT.

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