Netflix begins carrying out more effective AV1 codec to TVs following Android gadgets

The AV1 streaming codec is something that Google and others are behind bringing to the mass market, and gradually it’s extending. This week, following effective tests on Android cell phones and tablets, Netflix has reported that it will carry AV1 to TVs.

In a blog post this week, Netflix affirms it will begin using the AV1 codec on certain TVs. AV1, which has been accessible beginning around 2018, takes into account the more effective encoding and decoding of data for streaming, prompting higher quality for the end client and better use of bandwidth for suppliers. In any case, the codec depends on hardware support.

To guarantee that TVs using AV1 streams will give a decent experience, Netflix says it dissects the steam to guarantee the gadget is spec-compliant for AV1 decoding.

For the present, Netflix isn’t specifically declaring which gadgets will support AV1 outside of the Netflix application on Sony’s PS4 Pro console. On different TVs, support is just indicated as working on “a number of AV1 capable TVs.” In theory, this ought to incorporate a significant number of Android TV models.