Building Authority: How the Dickens Brothers are Helping Clients Establish Credibility Using Video

All successful businesses offer two main things: value and excellent customer service.

Everything else is a bonus.

Eriksen and Soren Dickens, brothers and co-founders of Platinum Peek Productions, have applied this principle to not only their own business, but their client’s businesses.

“Video content is great,” Soren says, “but if you’re not providing value or answering questions through your videos, you’re not going to build a lasting relationship with your audience. You won’t see consistent conversions.”

Platinum Peek Productions has differentiated itself from other video production companies because they don’t just just produce promotional videos or one-off product videos. They create a series of videos clients can utilize over a period of time to consistently provide value to their target audience. This way, the audience views the provider as a trusted source of information.

According to one study, 73% of consumers report feeling frustrated when your website offers content (ads, promotions, etc.) that has nothing to do with them. Today’s customer wants relevant, useful information, and when you give them that, they’ll give you their loyalty.

The Dickens brothers have traveled the United States shooting content for businesses in a variety of industries. They’ve worked with lawyers, accountatants, course creators, tax consultants, beauty salons, clothing stores, dentists, real estate agents, and more.

“We’ve learned that regardless of the industry you’re in, your customers would benefit from learning more. It serves as an enticement,” Eriksen Dickens says. “Once they see the value you’re providing, they’re more apt to say ‘hmm, what else can they do for me’?”

So, what exactly is “value-driven” content?

“It’s insight. Tips. Shortcuts,” Soren says. “It’s specific information your audience can learn from, then apply. Normally it consists of a subject standing in front of the camera speaking to the audience. We add some B-ROLL to the video, chop it up into deliverables, and leverage that content on the client’s social media platforms/website. That way they’re always giving their audience value, even if the person isn’t a customer.”

Doing this positions you as an authority figure in your industry. It shows your audience you’re willing to take the time to provide value to people who aren’t even customers, so they think, ‘hmm, imagine what they’ll do for me when I am their customer’?

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