This PlayStation DVR add-on is returning to Japan, and it will receive PS5 support

While Microsoft sunsets live TV listings in the OneGuide for Xbox One, a previous Sony exertion that brought live TV and even DVR features to PlayStation is making a rebound.

In 2010 Sony launched a live TV tuner for the PS3 called Torne, and in the end followed that up with Nasne, a combo gadget that mixed the tuner with a built-in hard drive and backing for streaming media. It ultimately supported the PS4 too, yet vanished at any rate.

Presently Engadget Japan educates us that the Nasne is back, presently produced by an alternate organization Buffalo however with comparative fantasies about serving as a headless DVR unit that pulls in TV streams for viewing on your PlayStation console or cell phone. The product page uncovers that alongside redesigned built-in storage, it’s currently fit for supporting up to 6TB of external storage, and you can join different units to record more than one channel at once.

A pre-order page is live on Amazon Japan, where it will cost 29,800 yen ($273) for a unit with 2TB of storage, and indeed, a PS5-ready app is coming before the year’s over.