6 Key Steps to an Effective Instagram Content Plan – with Liran Mizrahi

Once you’ve defined your themes (but you can always revise them based on the results of your campaigns) it’s time to bring them together in a content plan (an editorial plan). In this way you should be able to define the style and design of your posts and the frequency with which to publish content. In order to have a consistent profile on Instagram and able to convey the right message, it is important to follow a precise style that reflects that of other marketing channels used. In this regard you can create real style guides to follow during the creation of content, the key points relate to:


It refers to the positioning of elements within the visual content and, more generally, to the structure of the photo or video. Not all marketers are expert photographers, so it can be useful to define some rules regarding the background, the main focus of the content and the space needed for the text at the top or bottom of the image.

Color palette.

By always using the same color palette you have the ability to create a consistent and focused feed. Warning. Defining a set of shades to use doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the possibility of using other colors, but it will help you give a familiar touch to your content. A good idea is to choose a range of colors in line with those usually used by the brand in other marketing channels, in this way users will more easily recognize your company and, consequently, your brand.


If you include quotes or text in the images you post on Instagram, it is important that you create consistency through the fonts used, which must be in line with the rest of the corporate communication.


These tools can make even the most inexperienced photographers’ photos look top-notch. Filters can drastically change the look of your photos and videos, which is why it’s important to choose to use only a few of them (the ones most in line with your message) so as not to confuse the user. Using a different filter for each post creates confusion and disorientation in your followers who will no longer easily recognize your posts.


Instagram provides a more than adequate space for image descriptions, exceeded this limit the text will be truncated. This space allows you to further differentiate your content and take it to the next level. There are various ways to use this space. Some use it for micro-blogging, others use it to insert a short catchy title or to ask questions to users. The possibilities are endless. The important thing is to always make sure to maintain consistency.


They have become the most used tool on social networks to categorize the content produced and posted. On Instagram, hashtags allow users to discover new content and accounts to follow. If you want to avoid putting too many hashtags in the caption, a good method is to put them in the comments.  By performing an analysis of the most used hashtags by your users before choosing the ones that best suit your content, you can ensure that you reach a wider audience.

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