A new update “Hades Cross-Saves” is presently accessible on Nintendo Switch

Hades players would now be able to get to their save files on both PC and Nintendo Switch. Supergiant Games released an update that additional the cross-save feature earlier today, December 16.

Cross-save functionality was initially guaranteed close by Hades’ launch on Nintendo Switch, however Supergiant Games chose to push the feature to focus on the game itself. The studio said it deferred the feature so it wouldn’t need to postpone the full release of the game.

Different upgrades that had just been released on PC were additionally added to the Nintendo Switch with the update today. You can download it by launching Hades from the Nintendo Switch menu. Full patch notes for the update can be found on Supergiant’s website.

Abbadon initially launched in early access in 2018 and has been in continuous improvement up until its official launch in September. Supergiant Games is at present dealing with different updates and fixes for the game, however has no plans for other content. Creative director Greg Kasavin recently disclosed to GameSpot that the studio doesn’t have a clue what they are developing next.

Hades is one of GameSpot’s Best of 2020 nominees. Its creative interpretation of the roguelike genre that consolidates tight gameplay with a perfectly composed story is not normal for whatever else we’ve played for the current year.