Adam Sandler Has Hilarious feedback to ‘Huge Daddy’ Co-Stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse Growing Up (Exclusive)

Adam Sandler is tossing it path back!

ET’s Kevin Frazier talked with the 52-year-old on-screen character at the debut of his most recent Netflix motion picture, Murder Mystery, and he thought about featuring close by Dylan and Cole Sprouse in Big Daddy. The twins shared the job of Julian “Frankenstien” McGrath in the motion picture – a young man who’s left on Sonny Koufax’s (Adam Sandler) doorstep. The satire debuted almost 20 years prior on June 25, 1999.

“I remember the boys,” Adam said of the Sprouse twins, who are now 26. “I remember Cole and Dylan being great little boys. When I see them now, I’m baffled at how they grew into handsome bastards.”

In a February meet with GQ, Cole opened up about his youth acclaim because of ventures like Big Daddy, Friends, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

“A large number of the employments we were taking were the things that were keeping my little family above water,” Cole uncovered. “So there was this steady strain to verify employments, which thus were cash.”

On Friends, on which Cole featured as Ross’ (David Schwimmer) child, the Riverdale star got the chance to work close by Jennifer Aniston, who offers the screen with Adam in Murder Mystery. Back in March, Cole informed ET’s Keltie Knight regarding his time on the sitcom with the 50-year-old entertainer.

“I remember a lot. I remember being infatuated with Jennifer Aniston,” he admitted. “I remember as a kid being quite intimidated ’cause it was, at the point that I had stepped on, it was a really well-oiled machine and it was a bunch of older actors and I was the youngest actor there.”

“But I remember everyone treating me so kindly. I mean truly,” he continued. “And getting to meet a lot of cool people behind the scenes.”

In like manner, Adam, who additionally featured with Jennifer in the 2011 flick Just Go With It, had only stunning things to state about the A-rundown star.

“[It was] really great, really great,” he spouted to ET’s Kevin Frazier of working with Aniston once more. “She’s an amusing, extraordinary lady. We’ve known each other for a long time. Our families cherish one another and being with her on a film set is perfect. She’s only interesting as damnation and might suspect a great deal and [is a] kind woman.”

Murder Mystery begins spilling June 14 on Netflix.