Additional Samsung Wearables Can Now Use the One UI 6 Watch Alpha

In 2024, AI is the main topic of discussion. Samsung’s One UI 6 Watch beta introduces health and sleep tracking capabilities—rather than an AI-powered virtual assistant—to Samsung’s smartwatches.

Earlier this month, the beta version of the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic was released, giving users access to features like Energy Scores, in-depth Sleep Insights, and personalized exercise regimens. After a span of two weeks, the One UI 6 Watch beta 2 was released, which included bug fixes and enhancements to general stability.

It was stated in the first beta release that owners of the Watch 4 and Watch 5 would be able to access the beta at a later time, and we are beginning to witness that happening right now.

Samsung hasn’t released an official statement regarding the deployment, but the Samsung Members app now allows users to download the beta for their Bluetooth-enabled Watch 4 and Watch 5. @theonecid first noticed the deployment and shared it on X (Twitter).

Open the Samsung Members app, and you should see a banner for the One UI Watch beta program. Click on it to download the beta to your watch. Additionally, users can choose to participate in the beta test straight from a message found in the Samsung Members app’s notification area. When the beta program screen appears, scroll down to check if there’s a link to sign up and get the Watch 5 and Watch 4 beta. It’s important to remember that special edition watches—aside from the Golf edition—cannot participate in the beta.

On July 10, Samsung is hosting Galaxy Unpacked, and it is likely that at this event, additional details on the One UI 6 Watch will be revealed. Owners of the Galaxy Watch 6, as well as the Watch 5 and Watch 4, can now begin playing with some new features till then.

  • Energy scores: Based on their sleep, users can now see an Energy Score that considers their level of mental and physical preparedness.
  • Comprehensive sleep study: Your heart rate, breathing rate, and the time it takes you to fall asleep after lying down will all be included in this more precise and complete analysis of the quality of your sleep.
  • New gesture controls: By swiping their wrists back and forth, users should now be able to return to the previous watch screen.
  • Notification controls: Users of the Watch 6, 5, and 5 may now select which apps to receive notifications from straight on their watch, eliminating the need to access the Galaxy Wearable app on their phone.
  • Save pictures from messages: You can now keep pictures that are part of messages on your watch.
  • Automatic Bluetooth connections: Your Bluetooth speaker or headphones will connect for playback automatically when you start listening to music on your watch.