AI features on the Galaxy S24 will require a Google and Samsung account as well as an internet connection

When Samsung releases the Galaxy S24 series later this month, “galaxy AI” will be the main buzzword it uses. Although there will be numerous hardware improvements in the company’s upcoming flagship lineup, the software department will take center stage.

A number of AI features that will improve different facets of the user experience will be included with the Galaxy S24 lineup. For instance, the Generative Edit feature of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra will be a potent photo editing tool that lets users crop or remove objects from images and even add new details to already-taken pictures.

Meanwhile, real-time translations are provided by the Live Translate feature, which enables you to converse in foreign languages. Even the Samsung Keyboard app and the home screen wallpaper will be powered by AI, and the Samsung Notes app will be able to automatically turn lengthy text passages into readable bullet points.

Some of the features, like those in Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby, will be available on-device without requiring an internet connection. However, as Samsung stated in their official teaser for the Galaxy S24 Unpacked launch, not all features will function without an internet connection.

Furthermore, according to Samsung’s teaser, a Google and Samsung account is necessary for access to all of the Galaxy AI features. For the optimal experience, Galaxy devices already require logging into both a Google and Samsung account; the Galaxy S24 lineup will undoubtedly make this requirement even more crucial.

Which of the Galaxy S24’s AI features will transmit and receive data over the internet and which of them won’t will have to wait until the device is formally released. There won’t be much time to wait, as Samsung’s next flagship is scheduled to be revealed in just two weeks (it’s anticipated to arrive on store shelves at the end of January).