An extensive look at the life and history of the genius behind the first-ever online book club: Scott Hughes

Early Life

Scott Hughes was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut, USA. He had a humble childhood. In 2006, at the age of 19, he created OnlineBookClub as a website for anyone around the world to chat about whatever books they want with others who happened to read the same book. Between 2006-2014, while developing OnlineBookClub, to make a living and support his family, Hughes also worked modest jobs on the side, such as bartending. He also spent time working on local political campaigns in Connecticut. When asked about this, Hughes said, “On the one hand I was working as a bartender, and on the other I was building this website and company. Which was the side hussle and which was the so-called real job? It’s just a matter of perspective.” In 2014, Hughes was finally able to work at OnlineBookClub full-time thanks to the growth of the website. 


In the year 2006, Scott Hughes launched OnlineBookClub. It caught on instantly with people. Within one year of its inception thousands of people officially joined the OnlineBookClub and started contributing to the contents of the forum. OnlineBookClub is simplistic in its design and clever in its execution. People can join and instantly start their personal thread for the book, novel, or literature of their choice or find the ongoing discussion. OnlineBookClub also attracted many mainstream authors, experts, and philosophers which, in turn, improved the platform overall. 

Going Strong even after a decade

It has been more than fifteen years since the online platform was launched but it is still going strong. In fact, the number of users has peaked to more than two million in the past month with many more joining every day. The website remains free of cost for new users to join. The reason behind the success of this unique website is that it is much less strict in timing and participation requirements; rather, it is driven by people who are really passionate about pursuing deeper discussion and finding valuable insights from them.

Future of OnlineBookClub   

OnlineBookClub has gone through many changes over the past fifteen years but the core concepts and the user interface have remained the same at their core. In the future, the OnlineBookClub will continue to work the same way but it will have more features to enhance the user experience. There are plans to increase the capacity of the website too as it has now become a global platform and people from around the world are joining it. Scott continues to work on his online platform to make it more accessible to all people including those living in parts of the world that are still underdeveloped or otherwise have limited internet access.

To learn more about OnlineBookClub, visit and access forums at Scott Hughes is available for the active community through his social media at, Instagram: @scott_hughes/ or Twitter: @scottmhughes.