An Underwater Drone Delves into the Great Blue Hole to Record Footage that is Sure to ‘Terrify the World’

The Great Blue Hole, a natural wonder that is both stunning and horrifying, is located about 60 miles off the coast of Belize.

Thousands of years ago, this enormous marine sinkhole was inundated due to rising ocean levels from its former existence as a cave.

The Great Blue Hole gained fame thanks to explorer Jacques Cousteau, and divers now frequent the location.

The Great Blue Hole can punish the curious, yet maybe there’s something in our nature that compels us to investigate enormous holes when we come upon them.

Two deceased people’s remains have been found in the bottom of the Great Blue Hole, along with a GoPro and plastic trash that people have left there.

The bottom of the Great Blue Hole was thought to be a fitting place for the dead divers to rest, therefore it was agreed to leave the bodies where they lay.

Numerous well-equipped expeditions have been made to investigate the Great Blue Hole; in December 2018, two submarines made their way into the waters surrounding the anomaly.

When they initially arrived, they discovered that the seas were filled with aquatic life, but after a while, the vibrant underwater world vanished.

The Great Blue Hole contains a layer of hydrogen sulfide that is about 90 meters deep; beyond it, the water is much darker and devoid of life.

Beyond this point, the only things remaining are the human remains and the lifeless shells of marine creatures that perished and sank into the shadowy depths far from any sunshine.

The human remains of two divers were found during the excursion in December 2018, and the divers informed the authorities of their finding before disposing of the bodies.

They were able to document their findings, including the instant they discovered the two divers’ bodies, by using footage from an underwater drone.

The incredible contrast between the Great Blue Hole above and below the layer of hydrogen sulfide was also captured in the footage, which promises to “terrify the world.”

Below it lay a disconcerting cemetery devoid of light and vitality, serving as little more than a resting place for the lifeless remains of once-living beings that had tragically fallen into the depths. The water above it was bustling with life.

There was a clear distinction between these two universes residing in the same location, and silt, another astounding discovery, was found at the bottom of the hole.