Apple brings back the iPod’s classic ‘Music Quiz’ game for iOS 14

Macintosh is as yet feeling nostalgic for iPod games, it appears. The 9to5Mac group has found that iOS 14 brings back the classic Music Quiz game, where your gadget plays melodies aimlessly and requests that you name them and rack up a score. The organization didn’t require an application to do it — the whole game runs as a Shortcut under the “My Shortcuts” area.

Every meeting just endures five rounds, yet you can continue playing and offer your score on informal organizations — something you were unable to do on your iPod close to the beginning of the century.

This lone works with the implicit Music application. Apologies, Spotify fans. It accomplishes work with Apple Music, iTunes buys and even privately matched up tunes from different sources, however. Furthermore, since it’s a Shortcut as opposed to an application, you can undoubtedly look around to either get motivation for your own small scale games or change Music Quiz to suit your preferences.

This is unmistakably a promotion device for Shortcuts to energize use. Simultaneously, it’s difficult to deny the retro intrigue on the off chance that you grew up utilizing Apple’s music players. At the point when Apple dropped exemplary iPods, it likewise dumped a huge number of games that a few clients knew well indeed. While we wouldn’t call this an all out restoration, it allows you to remember the iPod’s brilliance days.