Apple Might Begin to Ship Macs with M4 Processors and an AI Focus

Although Apple only introduced the first M3-powered Macs five months ago, M4 chipset laptops and desktops might not be too far off in the near future. Macs with M4 CPUs may begin to ship later this year, according to Report. Although the M4 series could be a game changer because Apple is reportedly placing a considerably greater emphasis on artificial intelligence this time around, the M3 lineup did not offer a significant increase over M2 chipsets.

The source states that there would be at least three major M4 variants, and Apple is anticipated to integrate one of those chips into every Mac model. As things stand, Bloomberg reports that by early 2025, Apple plans to release iMacs, a 14-inch MacBook Pro entry-level model, more potent 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, and Mac minis with M4 CPUs.

The M4 Mac Studio and Mac Pro are expected to launch in 2025 and 2026, respectively, while 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air models with M4 CPUs may be available by spring. Plans could alter, though, as the article mentions.

The Mac mini hasn’t had an update since January 2023, so it will be a while before it happens. Midway through 2023, M2 improvements were made for the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. October saw the arrival of M3-powered MacBook Pros and iMacs. In contrast, the MacBook Air received an M3 update as recently as last month.

Apple might support up to 512GB of memory with their higher-end Mac desktop computers. Although the most recent Mac Studio and Mac Pro can only hold 192GB of RAM, earlier Intel-powered computers could hold 1.5TB of RAM when using readily available parts. Upgrading the RAM on silicon-based devices is more challenging since Apple incorporates memory more deeply into its own chipsets.

Nevertheless, Apple is reportedly putting a lot of effort into artificial intelligence with the M4 series in an effort to catch up (at least in the eyes of the general public) with companies like Microsoft and Google. At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple will demonstrate how the M4 chipsets’ on-device AI processing capabilities will work with the newest version of macOS and the hardware.

Additionally, the business is rumored to be considering AI-focused enhancements for the processors found in the iPhones this year. Prior tidings hinted that Apple is developing its own generative AI models while simultaneously incorporating Google’s Gemini AI into iPhones.