Apple Watch Series 7 may begin transporting in mid-October

Over about two weeks after Apple gladly revealed its new Apple Watch Series 7, fans have still not gotten their hands on the gadget. This is on the grounds that the organization didn’t give a specific release date, saying cryptically that the gadget would be “available later this fall.” That may be changing.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser, whose intel can be really inconsistent at times, said on Front Page Tech on Thursday that the Series 7 would start shipping in mid-October. Prosser refered to various, unnamed sources acquainted with the watch’s upcoming release schedule and clarified that preorders could begin as early as the next week. Likewise, the leaker claims Apple has informed the press they ought to expect more data on Apple Watch review units in the coming weeks.

While Prosser’s declaration ought to be taken with a grain a salt, there is another conceivable sign that his intel could be legitimate.

Last week, a Twitter client posted a message he purportedly got from customer service at Hermès, which intends to offer its own Apple Watch models again this year, because of a clear request over when the luxury brand’s Apple Watch Series 7 gadget would be accessible.

Apple Watch Series 7 preorders will start on Oct. 8, Hermès replied. On the off chance that we believe Hermès, Prosser’s preorder date and mid-October shipping date could be conceivable.

The Series 7 is Apple’s most huge upgrade of the gadget since it debuted it in 2015. Perhaps the most notable change is the screen. There are two case sizes: 41mm and 45mm, an expansion from 40mm and 44mm, respectively. The watch likewise has more modest bezels, taking into consideration a greater screen and a full QWERTY keyboard. On the off chance that you don’t have the best vision, the Series 7 has you covered: It’s 70% brighter.

The Series 7 is accessible in five colors—blue, (Product) RED, midnight, starlight, and green—and starts at $399. Fingers crossed that we all will give it a shot soon.