Aurélie-Jung Moron – The most inspiring female entrepreneur who has donned many hats and excelled in all

Women have walked a distant path covering the journey from just being home maker to the take on the world as an entrepreneur.

Once considered to be a lesser coordinate than men, the modern era ladies have overcome all negativities and have demonstrated themselves past question in all circles of life counting the foremost perplexing and awkward world of business enterprise. One such powerful woman in today’s times is Aurélie, having played several roles as a energy coach, entrepreneur, educator, motivational speaker, network marketing professional and an arts, music and sports enthusiast she still has the enthusiasm and energy to conquer it all without any cessation.

Born in South Korea, she was adopted by French parents and taken off to the west for a better life. She has always been academically brilliant also topping in all extracurricular activities. Inclined towards fine arts since the beginning she started off as a music coach touring the world for various performances and festivals. Life was all about roses until she lost her husband and had to leave her career to watch her children grow. At one point of time her life was under extreme financial complications, its then that she decided to take charge and get her career back to track.

She credits the initial push that gave way to her entrepreneurial journey to Robert Kiyosaki’s famous writings ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘the Enterprise of the 21st Century’, also fuelled by inspirational anecdotes and write-ups of accomplished authors like Napoleon Hill, Kevin Trudeau, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk she entered into her self reliant journey which made her reach where she is today. Sensing the demand of forex and crypto currency education well ahead of time she joined as a very powerful business partner a leading firm which deals in Forex and Crypto trading connected to an innovative digital banking platform. Her drive and passion to make it big led her establish a proficient team of network marketing professionals which are spread well across the world.

Her goal is to drive millions of people towards financial freedom through her network marketing programs and innovative teaching methodologies which she preaches through her public speaking forums.

To know more about Aurelie you can visit and follow her on Instagram @aureliemoron