Australia’s DSP Program is Launched By Amazon

This year, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane entrepreneurs have the chance to launch their own delivery businesses thanks to Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program.

The e-commerce giant claims that with the help of its DSP program, entrepreneurs may advance their skills in logistics.

“We have long innovated on unique programs and services that empower small businesses and are excited to launch an initiative that will empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the logistics space,” says Anthony Perizzolo, general manager of delivery and supply chain at Amazon Australia.

“DSP will create opportunities for Aussies to build and run their own delivery business, in turn creating hundreds of permanent jobs for delivery drivers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.”

DSP enables business owners with little to no prior experience in logistics to establish a profitable delivery company with cheap startup costs and strong demand, generating new full-time jobs in a secure workplace.

Amazon provides DSPS with a wealth of helpful resources, such as technology, training, and savings on a variety of goods and add-on services like insurance and car leasing.

Numerous delivery drivers in the local area will have permanent work prospects thanks to Delivery Service Partners’ operation of a fleet of 20 to 40 delivery vehicles in Australia.

Anthony continues, “To meet the needs of our customers, we’ve continued to invest in our Australian operations. We’re thrilled to launch Prime Free One Day delivery in five new Australian cities just last month.”

“The expansion of our last mile network with DSP will enable us to continue meeting growing customer demand and enhancing delivery outcomes for customers.”

More than 3500 DSPs have established their own businesses since the DSP program began in the US five years ago. They have also created over 275,000 jobs and successfully delivered more than 20 million Amazon parcels daily to 19 different countries.