Back to a School Playdate with “Science for Kids”

August 24 at 11.30 was Free amazing annual P.S. 31 PTA back to a school playdate in P.S. 31 playground from 11am-1pm. A lot of families came to the party. We had free science for kids show and a soccer game. Thank you a lot for crazy science and Soccer team for a free show and joying us.

How to make a normal day in a child’s life more vivid and memorable? It is simple to carry out with him easy and safe, but very spectacular science experiments for kids.

Some parents tell the baby: “You are the light of my life.” But did you know that if you were light, you would fly around the globe 7.5 times per second! If you became a sound, you could fly around the Earth in 4 hours! If we lived on Jupiter, our day would consist of only 9 hours. It’s good that on Earth the day lasts 24 hours, because we need so much to do in a day! These are just a few entertaining scientific facts that may interest both an inquisitive child and an adult.