Better Fashion Recommendations Can be Obtained by Swiping Right or Left On Clothing On Google

Google said on Wednesday that it is releasing an upgrade that makes it simpler for consumers to find personalized shopping results. With this new function, customers can rate various things to receive style recommendations while buying clothing, accessories, and shoes. This development coincides with Google’s ongoing competition with Amazon and Walmart, two companies that have introduced AI-powered tools to challenge Google’s purchasing powers.

You may now rate items with a thumbs up or down when searching for something on Google, such as “men’s polo shirts.” This new section is called “style recommendations.” To rate the things, you can also swipe left and right, just like on Tinder. You can ignore an item if you’re not convinced about it. Following your product ratings, Google will present you with tailored results that you can review.

You can rate more goods and see even more results from Google if you still can’t find what you’re looking for. Google keeps track of your tastes, so the next time you look for men’s polo shirts, it will suggest looks based on your past likes.

You can adjust your choices by tapping the three-dot menu next to a result and going to the personalization options in the “About this result” box if you unintentionally give a product a thumbs up or if you simply don’t want to view personalized shopping results at all.

All American consumers who use mobile browsers and the Google app are starting to get access to the new feature. Google did not specify when or whether it intended to bring the feature to further nations.

According to the corporation, over a billion individuals shop on Google every day, and the search engine returns over 45 billion things. Google disclosed that it provides up-to-date pricing, in-stock availability, and delivery data to over two billion listings every hour.