Biography on Rachid EI Khabbachi’s life Who Is A Role Model For The Children Of Mauritania

In the success journey, it doesn’t matter what type of work or business you are doing. The thing that matter is your dedication and hard work, and consistency with your work thesesare the essential factors that can be actually life-changing for anyone; the same is the story of the Rachid EI Khabbachi, who was not a son of a successful or rich parent but was a below-average person and he worked really hard day and night and made his own fate from a person who used to beg in front of people for food to a successful businessman. The real motivation behind his efforts was to chase his dreams of a lavish and successful life.

Background story:

It is always said that empty stomach is still the best teacher same was the case with the Rachid he was born in a small town of Mauritania where all he saw was the people craving for food even for one time the poverty and hunger was on his peak  according to him he said that he even used to beg for food in order to survive he always  used to dream to give his family a well settled life for this he worked really hard he started his career as a street fighter and later on became the highest paid street fighter and then he joined real estates for his business he used to buy and sell different products he buy the gold and then sell it on high rates so that again he can invest the profit in his business and slowly later on he became a successful business  man and today the most famous celebrities are all his friends like Travis Scott, Dan Ballerina, Neymar, French Montana these all top celebrities are his friends and he also has a good friendship with them on social media and they invites Rachid in Miami and Dubai and Rachid also invited them to France and Germany like countries.

Social welfare tasks:

Rachid actively participates in many charity works to help people improve their living so that they can have even the basic necessities of life. In acknowledgment of his work, the president also invited him to meet Netflix is also trying to document a film on his life. He suffers the pain and sufferings of an empty stomach, so he makes sure that no one has to go through this all.