Bluesky Provides a Feature that Many Had Been Hoping for at Last

Bluesky has made significant strides in the last few months by streamlining the registration process and releasing a constant stream of new features.

The social media app recently revealed that users can now exchange direct messages (DMs) as part of its ongoing efforts.

It implies that confidential one-to-one chats can be sent from within the app by anyone with a Bluesky account. Anyone you follow on Bluesky has the ability to direct message you by default, according to a post made by the firm to announce the capability. Nevertheless, by going into the app’s Settings, you can disable direct messages or choose who is allowed to DM you.

Additionally, while muted users can DM you, you cannot accept DMs from people you have blocked. You can use the DM feature to block someone if you receive a direct message from them.

Dialing Someone is Easy. All you Carry out is:

  1. Click on the Chat symbol. The icon is situated at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices. It shows up as a chat bubble in the sidebar on desktop computers.
  2. To initiate a new conversation, click the plus button on mobile devices or choose New chat from the top right menu on desktop computers.
  3. Look up the person you wish to send a message to. Type your message, then click “Send.”

According to Bluesky, a user may have configured their account to only accept direct messages (DMs) from users they follow or from nobody at all if the app indicates that they are unable to receive messages.

Currently, Bluesky only supports text-based direct messages (DMs); however, the firm is striving to integrate photos and other media types. In addition, it intends to “fully support end-to-end encrypted messaging down the line” and provide direct messages for groups.

The primary competitors of X (previously Twitter) have emerged as Bluesky and Meta-owned Threads, and both apps’ most recent innovations have continued to provide a user experience that is comparable to X’s.

Before opening to the public and ending its invitation-only beta earlier this year, Bluesky claimed to have added nearly a million users in a single day, increasing its user base to approximately 4 million.