Calming Your Nerves – How To Handle Stress Before Surgery

Surgery can be one of the most emotionally and physically taxing aspects of an illness. It can scare the faint-hearted. No one wants to be “fixed” with surgical tools – even when given anesthetics. However, surgery is usually the worst-case scenario when it comes to medical treatment, usually when there is no other alternative or if the ailment requires an immediate operation.

Can we make the whole situation bearable?

  1. Learning about the Surgery

The more you thoroughly understand the nature of your condition and medical procedure, the lesser the ambiguity. Some things to look out for are success rates and why the surgery is necessary. Focus on the end goal and how much better you will feel after the surgery! It is your path to health and recovery, and there are no shortcuts.

  • Family and Friends

More than any anesthetic, sometimes a good laugh with the people you love goes a long way! Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and who motivate you. You need people who keep on giving you gentle reminders every now and then that this, too, shall pass!

  • Meditation

When your thoughts are running out of control with how things can go wrong, calm your mind most effectively and naturally. Meditation helps you reorganize your thoughts, returning them to the present situation. It is important to know that you are not your thought. Just because you are worrying about something doesn’t necessarily mean it is true! In this case, we refer to the scare a surgical procedure might give you before heading into the OR.  

  • Looking Forward

Make a list of plans for things you want to do after the surgery. Perhaps there’s a hobby that you want to indulge yourself in, the guitar or painting? This will keep you motivated and even excited to have the surgery over with. Positivity is power!

Author Perry Muse is the perfect example of someone who knows how to remain positive in the most debilitating of situations. In his memoir, Morbid Thoughts & The Domino Effect, Perry describes his experience going through 17 surgeries and fighting cancer. However, as difficult as his predicament was, Perry always found a reason to smile.  

  • Faith

In times of uncertainty, belief and faith can be powerful ways to fight off any adversity. Be persistent in prayer, maybe with your family or in complete solitude, conversing with your creator.

Perry Muse emphasizes the importance of faith when going through turmoil. You will see him connecting experiences and behaviors with his astrological sign, Sagittarius, and his horoscopes, which gave him the strength to fight the terminal disease with courage.

Muse is an inspiration for everyone shrouded in uncertainty, no matter how big or small the problem. Morbid Thoughts & The Domino Effect can be your companion, preparing you for your surgery as Perry walks you through his inspiring journey, giving you a newfound ray of hope.