CNN’s Brian Stelter Believes Trump’s New Focus on Mars is Interesting: ‘May Be Onto Something’

CNN stay Brian Stelter noted President Donald Trump’s befuddling tweet about going to Mars might be an insightful move by the president with the commemoration of Apollo 11 not too far off.

“We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 this summer. A big summer full of space celebration events,” Stelter noted. “A lot of space geeks would like the focus to be on Mars, on going to a place we’ve never gone before.”

“So the president might be onto something with this new focus on Mars,” Stelter revealed to CNN’s Ana Cabrera Sunday evening on CNN Newsroom.

Recently, Trump said NASA should focus on sending astronauts to Mars and not the moon, according to his confusingly-worded tweet.

“I think when he says the moon is part of Mars, what he means is use the moon as a launch-pad to Mars but the tweet was very confusing,” Stelter noted.

“As with all things involving the president’s Twitter feed, what you wonder, is this tweet now policy? Does NASA now have to change his plans or was he just expressing an opinion?” Stelter mused.

Cabrera noticed Trump’s tweet came after he was reprimanded by previous space traveler Michael Collins in a CNN digital broadcast, however Stelter said he trusted Trump was probably reacting to something he saw on Fox.