Conor McGregor tossed the most exceedingly terrible very first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game

Conor McGregor tossed out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday night. It went poorly.

The 33-year-old MMA star appeared as though he’s never tossed a baseball. He sure didn’t practice. We’ve seen a lot of terrible first pitches previously — we’re inclined toward 50 Cent and Carly Rae Jepsen — yet this genuinely may be the most noticeably awful celebrity very first pitch.

It didn’t remain on the screen!

“I apologize for nothing… except that pitch,” — McGregor, probably.

Professional athletes are among the most coordinated individuals in the whole world, yet that doesn’t mean they’re incredible at everything immediately. McGregor absolutely didn’t grow up playing or watching baseball during his youth in Ireland.

McGregor’s first pitch is the most interesting thing to happen to the Cubs in some time. The North Siders exchanged the entirety of their best players at the cutoff time, and are right now 16 games under .500.

Could McGregor figure out how to toss a baseball? To take a line from the Cubs, “maybe next year.”