Elon Musk says SpaceX has transported 100,000 Starlink terminals

Elon Musk said in a series of tweets on Monday that his aerospace venture, SpaceX, has transported 100,000 Starlink terminals up until this point, and is presently serving 14 nations with license applications pending in others.

The tweets suggest that Starlink added 10,000 subscribers in around 3 weeks. In late July, the organization said it had around 90,000 clients of its internet service, CNBC revealed.

Starlink is an initiative of SpaceX to make a network of a huge number of satellites, referred to in the space industry as a constellation, to deliver high-speed internet to clients anyplace on Earth.

SpaceX carried out its Starlink beta internet service toward the finish of 2020 with a program that permitted a few clients to attempt it for $99 every month, excluding direct front costs for shipping, taxes, installation and equipment like rooftop mounts to hold the terminals set up.

A Starlink Kit incorporates a satellite antenna dish, a stand, a power supply, and WiFi router.

All the more recently, SpaceX has shown it intends to grow the service to work for in-flight internet, or on moving boats and in trucks.

SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell declared in February 2020 that the organization would probably spin off its Starlink satellite business and may have an IPO for the unit in coming years.

The initiative has been a capital-intensive one for SpaceX as of now. In 2018, Shotwell predicted it would cost SpaceX about $10 at least billion to build the Starlink network.

Last week, federal filings uncovered that SpaceX plans to use its Starship rocket as a primary vehicle to deliver its Starlink Gen2 satellites to orbit. SpaceX has effectively launched 1,740 satellites as part of Starlink, and is focusing on its Gen2 Starlink system to add around 30,000 internet satellites.