Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt: “Philanthropy is critical, especially amidst the pandemic”

The global economy took a severe beating this year due to the Coronavirus. This further led to companies shutting down due to the lockdown and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without a job. As the year ends, the economy may be recovering, but it is not as it was before. Severe unemployment is still a crucial danger. However, things might have been worse if it hadn’t been for philanthropists worldwide who stepped up. Rishab Bhatt, Founder and developer of the website Simple.Savr, emphasizes the importance of philanthropy in the year 2020.

“The start of the lockdown was a dire situation indeed. Suddenly, shopping malls, markets, theaters, fairs, and even the streets were completely empty. Hospitals and similar welfare institutions were suddenly overflowing. And there was no money for anything,” shared Rishab about the initial days of the lockdown. If it weren’t for philanthropists, it could’ve gone even more badly. According to Rishab, it was encouraging to see donors react so quickly, donating as much as possible to keep the food banks open and provide for people. “The government too helped matters by increasing the amount of cash donations that could be written off as a tax deduction,” added Rishab. Like in any crisis, the act of giving during a pandemic can not only lend hope but also go a long way towards easing the suffering of many.

Rishab’s own service, the Simple.Savr website, did its part to help with the charity during the pandemic. Simple.Savr is a website for simple, free text and file sharing started by Rishab. Since millions of users access it, Rishab’s team also used it to promote awareness regarding the plight of the unemployed, hungry individuals. At the same time, about 40% of the revenue generated by ads on the Simple.Savr website is donated to non-profit organizations and the money is used to provide clean, drinking water to poor children all around the world. “If you have a way to make money when others are unable to do so and are also suffering, contributing even a small amount can make a significant difference,” said Rishab.

Today, philanthropy makes an individual stand out to take notice of their actions. It also encourages philanthropists to lead by example. Therefore, it is good to see Rishab Bhatt and Simple.Savr lend a hand and help out.