Facebook extends ad library and tightens ad rules before of EU elections

The Library presently houses a wide range of ads and shows more details about the Pages running them.

With an end goal to anticipate outside impedance once more, Facebook is taking off progressively advertising rules in the EU in front of the European Parliamentary elections. Like past race rules implemented in the US and different locations, any individual who wants to purchase political ads in the region must be authorized to run them. Facebook will expect them to submit documents demonstrating their character and will likewise lead specialized checks to affirm their area, just as to keep awful performing artists from deceiving the company. Furthermore, all political advertisements in the EU will be marked with a “Paid for by” divulgence, so voters can obviously observe who purchased the ad and what their contact details are.

On the off chance that you do see political promotions that don’t have that divulgence, it may be on the grounds that they began running before Facebook implemented the new guidelines. As indicated by The Guardian, the necessities are not retroactive, and past crusades will stay unaffected. Facebook will hinder any political ads from unsubstantiated sources beginning mid-April, however, and is urging government officials and gatherings to start the registration process.

All the political promotions that will be distributed in the EU will appear on Facebook’s extended Ad Library (recently called Ad Archive in the US), which presently houses a wide range of dynamic ads Pages are running. It already just tracked all ads related to politics and political issues. The amplified Library will currently likewise show more data about Pages running advertisements, for example, their creation date, past Page unions and name changes. Furthermore, it will demonstrate the location of administrators if their Page has an extensive group of onlookers or is politics-related, alongside their spending data in the event that they purchase political ads.

You’ll likewise discover each one of those data under the new “Page Transparency” segment in Pages’ homes, since not every person’s quick to go diving in the Library. Notwithstanding extending the Library’s extension, Facebook will begin updating it with new political promotions every day rather than week after week beginning in mid-May. The social network also plans to roll out transparency tools for political ads worldwide by the end of June.