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As a professional skirt sales website, Feelingirldress provides you with a variety of maxi dress to choose from. But do you know a little knowledge about maxi dress? Let me introduce to you today and help you choose the maxi dress that suits you! It happens to be in time for the Feelingirldress sale black friday 2020. Come and check it out!

Winter is a good time to wear maxi dress! Because he is beautiful and warm. Wearing three long trousers is not as good as wearing a long skirt over thick stockings, especially a long skirt with warm texture. Those who haven’t tried it will take advantage of this winter to give it a try. As usual, let’s talk about the classification of maxi dress that are more frequently worn in autumn and winter. The wholesale maxi dresses rromotion in progress on Feelingirldress!

1. Divided by fabric

Since the fabrics of autumn and winter long skirts are generally thicker, there are not many things like chiffon silk, so the following three fabrics are mainly used:

1. Woolen

Needless to say, this fabric is the most common one.

The advantage is that it has high warmth retention, airtightness, and many colors; the disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to the hair, and the texture requirements will be very high, and cheap goods can be seen at a glance.

2. Thick cotton

It appears more in the form of thick denim and space cotton fabrics, of course, a small part is really cotton, especially shirts and long skirts.

The advantage is that it is light and not heavy; the disadvantage is that the style is limited and the warmth is worse.

3. Knitting

Knitted dresses are indispensable for autumn and winter, right?

The advantage is that it has high warmth and is easy to wear and fashion; the disadvantage is that the color is limited, and it is easy to pilling if the fabric is poorly selected.

Second, according to the style

Half-length and one-piece are not discussed. According to the skirt and style, the common autumn and winter long skirts are mainly three styles:

1. Umbrella dress, 2. Straight dress, 3. Hip dress.

So when wearing a long skirt, you can use a belt to highlight the waist, this skirt will not be like pajamas. Don’t underestimate a belt and take off your jacket in the office. This belt will make you look very professional, and because the skirt itself can only be regarded as a slim fit, it is not close to the body, and there will be no line problems.

In addition, at Feelingirldress you can also find the plus size dresses that suits you. There are many activities and many discounts!

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