Flood protection innovation offers relief to Canadians

According to Public Safety Canada, floods are the most common natural disaster in the country and among the most expensive for taxpayers. Floods are typically caused by naturally occurring changes in the height of rivers, lakes, and oceans and can be accentuated by the geographic location of urban populations. Historic devastating floods have occurred across Canada, with many of the worst happening on major river systems that pass through populated areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. However, every province in Canada has experienced problematic flooding. Scientists predict that flooding linked to the impacts of climate change will increase as the 21st century progresses, particularly in coastal areas of the country. With the recent devastation in Eastern Canada and Quebec, the need for not only increased funding but preventative innovation is in high demand.
Among Canada’s environmental emergency companies is Vasalta Canada, a company that manufactures innovative environmental products and flood protection solutions. Vasalta has played a pivotal role in helping municipal and government departments with large-scale flood prevention and has now developed a new, innovative means for individuals to protect their homes from flooding of all magnitudes.

Already utilized by many Canadian municipalities and governments, Vasalta’s Quik-Response Self-Expanding Sandbags are one of Canada’s most praised flood mitigation innovations. This sand-free alternative to traditional sandbags functions similarly to a normal sandbag, but are initially compact and weightless. When exposed to water, each Quik-Response sandbag expands to about 40lbs in minutes, forming a fully functional sandbag for floodwater protection. The initial size of the product allows individuals to proactively store the preventative device in their home and quickly deploy it in minutes should a flood situation arise.

For any Canadian looking to protect their home with Quik-Response, request from your local Public Works Department or visit www.vasalta.ca/quik-response to purchase a Quik-Response self-expanding sandbag Homeowners Kit.