Gameplay and subtleties uncovered for long-awaited PlayStation title

PlayStation’s most recent State of Play event displayed one of its most expected titles, Horizon Forbidden West.

Today we got our first appropriate look at the game, with engineers Guerrilla uncovering 14 minutes of new gameplay.

While we didn’t get a decent glance at the open world, we dove deep underwater and journeyed through a tropical jungle.

This time around, true to form, Alloy has new abilities and weapon upgrades.

Her lance apparently sneaks up suddenly, thumping back foes with electrical charges.

In contrast to the first game, Alloy currently employs a catching hook to help move her to higher spots.

She likewise approaches a tech-glider which sees her navigate open spaces easily and delicately fall back to the ground.

One thing we were expecting, however didn’t get, was a release date.

Guerrilla took to Twitter after the feature to say they’re as yet on target.

All we know without a doubt is Horizon Forbidden West is en route to PS4 and PS5, we’ll simply must show restraint.