GOFO ART and Artory Announce Partnership to Bring Digital Certification of Authentification Through Blockchain Technology

Hong Kong, July 10, 2020 – GOFO ART is pleased to announce a new partnership with Artory, the art world’s leading blockchain-secured digital art registry, using decentralized distributed ledger technology seamlessly bring blockchain authentication to artists and art owners.

Blockchain has tremendous potential throughout the art industry. Combining security, anonymity, and transparency to safeguard records of ownership and authenticity. GOFO ART deploys the cutting-edge technology to exploit new possibilities in the digital era.

“We are delighted to be Artory’s first partner in Hong Kong. By leveraging on each other’s strengths and capabilities, together, I believe this partnership will not only enable us to bring innovative solutions to strengthen the link to the artists and collectors, but also serve our greater vision of transforming the future of the contemporary art world.” said Jaco Cheung, co-founder and director of GOFO ART. “Innovation and forward-thinking is central to GOFO’s ambition. Our goal is to constantly identify opportunities where we can create sustainable solutions that will help to meet our industry’s needs.”

Additionally, the brand is set to release some signed limited-edition prints created by Australian contemporary artist Ian Williams for the first time. Each work records the provenance and authenticity through blockchain by Artory Registry, and with a unique cryptographic signature verified by the artist. With a new paradigm, art lovers will now be able to collect artworks safely and simply while remaining anonymous.

In 2018, Artory partnered with Christie’s to register each piece of art sold from the $323M Barney A. Ebsworth collection, making it the first auction to be recorded by blockchain technology. In 2019, Artory partnered with Winston Art Group–the world’s leading appraisal firm to register artworks for individual Collectors, giving artwork owners simple and undemanding access to blockchain technology. In 2020, Artory Collaborated with The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report 2020. Artory’s other new partners include: CADAF, Khora Contemporary, DADA, and Artxcode. The digital art marketplace OpenSea and the creative technologists Larva Labs have also signed on.


GOFO ART by Global Focal is an innovative consulting firm, helping Asian and international contemporary artists to develop better strategies, foster the reputation and visibility, and share their visionary work with people around the world. Founded in Hong Kong in 2019, the company’s global collaborative network includes cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, Beijing, and Shanghai. Learn more at www.globalfocal.com.hk.

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About Artory

Artory exists to protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of those who buy, own, and sell art and collectibles. The company’s core product, the Artory Registry, is a blockchain-secured registry of verified information about artworks, collectibles, and their history, giving confidence and peace of mind to buyers and collectors that the information they are transacting upon is the latest and most accurate information available. Artory was founded in 2016 by Nanne Dekking, fueled by his desire for change in the international art market. Prior to founding Artory, Nanne

was Sotheby’s Vice Chairman and Worldwide Head of Private Sales. He is also the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF). With teams in New York, Berlin, and Bangkok, Artory is enabling collectors to confidentially register their artworks for digital signature by trusted art institutions. Artory is signing up marketplace partners to collaborate with who are committed to bringing a greater level of transparency and confidence to the market. The Registry launched in collaboration with Christie’s to register each piece of art sold as part of the $300M Barney A. Ebsworth Collection. This collection, considered one of the most important for American artwork, broke several auction records, including Edward Hopper’s Chop Suey, which sold for over $90 million. Learn more at www.artory.com.

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