Google causes Android Fast Pair to redesign official, promotes 100+ viable earphones

In the course of recent months, we’ve detected a Fast Pair redesign when setting up Bluetooth gadgets on Android. Subsequent to turning out to be broadly accessible a month ago, Google caused the to redo official today.

This “new Fast Pair experience” when setting up accessories for the first time begins with a monster animation of the Bluetooth gadget being referred to. The sheet names the product and states how it will be connected with your Google Account.

A blue “Connect” button below starts the one-tap process, with Google today underlining how you can Fast Pair with “100+ headphones models” from accomplices like JBL and Sony. Accessory producers probably need to supply that activity to Google for use in Fast Pair.

The past design, which traces all the way back to the first Pixel Buds, was only a pop-up notification that showed up at the top of your screen. Contrasted with the Fast Pair redesign, which takes inspiration from iOS, the old look was bound to be excused by Android clients as simply one more ready.

It was first spotted for the second-gen Pixel Buds in December and appeared to broadly launch a month ago as a feature of a Google Play services update. We noticed that it worked with earphones from Bose and OnePlus, as well as Fitbit smartwatches. Google today makes no notice of the last coordination, which would likewise be ideal for the Wear OS set-up process.