Google Search launches update with more pictures, suggestions, and ‘Things to know’

At Google Search On 2021, the organization launched an update of the search results page that incorporates more pictures, suggested searches, and “Things to know” about a topic.

One of the greatest focuses of the Google Search On event this year is the use of MUM — Multitask Unified Model — technology to all the more likely comprehend and map the world’s information, as well as to more readily share it to you through search. For Google Search, this appears like an upgrade, launching today, that makes it simple to discover precisely the thing you’re searching for, with text as well as pictures too.

The most observable aspect of the redesign is that the Google Search results page will show pictures for a significant number of your results, close by the page text. Beyond just making the search results page all the more visually appealing, it can in some cases help to realize that a page may really have what you’re searching for.

Already, pictures were principally restricted to the uppermost section of the page, as a suggestion to change to a Google Images search. It ought to be interesting to perceive what the additional imagery means for the number of results per page.

Leaning on Google’s MUM smarts, the search results page is acquiring a few new tools to assist you with bettering find out with regards to a point. For some searches, you’ll find a new section called “Things to know” that offers probably the most significant goodies regarding that subject, in a comparable organization to the “People also ask” section.

Likewise, there will be new options to either refine your search with more specific search queries identified with your topic, or expand it, to discover data about related topics that might be interesting to you. In the given example of “acrylic painting,” you could refine the search to “puddle painting” or widen it to “famous painters.”

Lastly, when watching a video found by means of Google Search, you’ll be offered topics and search queries to find out additional. Google’s MUM technology processes the whole video to realize what’s going on with it, both in what’s said and what’s suggested.