Google Stadia includes EA’s FIFA 21 March 17

Notwithstanding some concerning news yesterday, Stadia isn’t going anyplace right now. Today, it’s been affirmed that at last, EA is releasing its mega-hit FIFA 21 on Google Stadia one month from now.

In a press release today, EA reported designs to grow FIFA 21 through a multiyear license extension, a bigger free-to-play experience on PC, and some being developed mobile offerings. In that equivalent press release, EA affirmed the launch of FIFA 21 on Google Stadia.

This launch has been known for a long while, as Google and EA affirmed a FIFA game would head Stadia almost a year prior. Notwithstanding, it’s extraordinary that at last we’re getting a launch date to go with it. Remarkably, this additionally happens as close as possible get to EA missing its guaranteed “Winter 2021” release window, as the season closes only a few days after the fact. This launch likewise places the game in the 2021 Champions League season, only a few weeks in front of the quarter-finals.

FIFA 21 was first released on October 6, 2020, on different platforms, putting Stadia’s release around a half year or so before FIFA 22 shows up. On the splendid side, however, that implies sales are almost certain for around the hour of the game’s launch. For instance, the “Champions Edition” is right now only $20 on PlayStation (digital).

This denotes the third EA game to launch on Stadia, the past launches including Jedi: Fallen Order and Madden NFL 21. Google and EA recently prodded in any event two different titles going to the platform however didn’t affirm which games those would be.