Halo Infinite developers previously reevaluated its miserly fight pass

343 Industries surprise-launched the multiplayer of Halo Infinite on Monday, and keeping in mind that the reception has been for the most part positive, players totally disdain the fight pass. It appears to be that 343 is now investigating the system and attempting to sort out how best to continue after players’ day-one frustration.

There are different reasons that players are furious with Halo Infinite’s fight pass system, and a concise trip through the Halo subreddit will show you many of them. Some feel the system is excessively sluggish, requiring several hours to complete even the earliest levels of the pass. Others are more disappointed that XP to upgrade the pass can be acquired uniquely through challenges (like playing specific modes, finishing specific activities, or getting kills with specific weapons), rather than by basically playing around.

Whatever their reasons, players appear to agree that the pass is unsatisfying and the advancement is excessively lethargic.

As indicated by 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard, this is the kind of thing that the development team is investigating. Jarrard said Tuesday in Twitter that the team is observing movement in the Halo Infinite beta and gathering data to help better illuminate how it pushes ahead with the fight pass and experience points.

While 343 Industries has taken to calling Halo Infinite’s early release a beta, it is actually quite significant that the developer is calling that beta’s initial “season 1” and selling the fight pass for $10 — a genuinely standard cost for most shooters — rather than referring to it as season 0, or preseason. All things considered, while the fight pass is a significant part of movement and reward in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component, the prizes are purely cosmetic and don’t change the gameplay or give benefits during matches.

There’s no word yet in what changes the team at 343 Industries could be planning, or when they may show up. Halo Infinite is relied upon to get an enormous patch when the game officially launches on Dec. 8, at the very least. Ideally, something is underway for the more immediate future.