Honda completely uncovers the design of its electric Prologue SUV

Honda has at last offered in excess of a small look at the Prologue, and it could demonstrate interesting on the off chance that you’re not partial to excessively gaudy EV designs. The organization has given a full design preview showing that the electric SUV is worked to be practical, not ostentatious. The “neo-rugged” (indeed, we know) styling isn’t special separated from the 21-inch wheels and spelled-out Honda badge on the back, and the attention is more on an interior with “ample” room for individuals and their gear. This is aimed squarely at first-time EV purchasers who want the reassurance of a familiar design — you could change from a CR-V or Passport without feeling like you’ve stepped on to another planet.

There will be a lot of technology inside. While Honda hasn’t shared full details of the inside, you can expect a 11-inch digital instrument display, a 11.3-inch infotainment display and USB-C ports. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and a WiFi hotspot mode will be accessible. This isn’t a touchscreen-dominated vehicle like the cute Honda E, yet the tech is obviously unmistakable. Once more, it’s focused on practicality.

The Preamble is being co-developed with GM and depends on the American brand’s Ultium platform. It’s the first salvo in a bigger electrification push that incorporates EVs based on the in-house “e:Architecture” in 2026, and lower-priced models (likewise including GM) in 2027.

A significant part of the Prologue is as yet a secret, including its range and pricing. It won’t arrive at North America until sometime in 2024. Nonetheless, Honda characterizes it as a move forward from the CR-V hybrid with a larger wheelbase (8in longer and 5in more extensive). We’d expect that the organization to price the pure EV accordingly, and it’s in any event, planning a two-year lease for the 2023 CR-V hybrid in order to attract customers who want to ease into electrified driving.