How Creativity helps you Expand your Horizons

Creativity is nothing but “being intelligent with having fun”.- Albert Einstein

We all want to enjoy our lives and have a well-reputed career to make a mark in this world and live our dream life. Different approaches are used to achieve these things, but they all fall under one larger blanket called “creativity.” All those who don’t use any creative technique in their life to reach their multiple goals often end up getting barely one or a maximum of two while missing out on rest. The missing out happens when the person doesn’t leave room for himself to relax and enjoy the process.

To be creative allows you to find ways to get done with things in the easiest way possible. As there’s a saying: the laziest person finds the most creative way”. It means that if a lazy person is given time, he might keep making excuses till the last hour, but while making excuses, he’d be brainstorming on the most creative ways to help him do the tasks quicker and better than others would have ever done. Not to encourage laziness but to ask all who disagree that one should give enough time to brainstorming to come up with newer ideas and eventually overcome the outdated ways of doing work.

People who put more time into creative thinking come up with ideas that provide solutions to problems that were unsolvable before, help you understand a lot about human’s diversified thinking processes, make you more aware of the world, you enjoy everything and do not let anything discourage you, and so on. This approach benefits not only the person who is creative but also the people around him. Suppose you have a friend who knows how to get the work done and enjoys the process while making time for other things. On the other hand, you find it hard even to manage one thing at a time, and you will start analyzing him more and slowly adapt his approach to one day have the same perspective about life.

There was a time when everyone only wanted to go about things following all the rules. If he refused to do so, he was seen as deviant and was used to getting singled out from all others, but that deviance was something that nowadays has been defined differently. Now people who do not want to follow the outdated societal norms are coming up with the most creative ways to express their logic behind why the old ways have been outdated. This is helping others a) understand the idea better, b) grow intuitively, and c) accept change. Creativity makes evolution easy and smooth.

Being open to Creativity has helped people express their emotions to the world and make a name for themselves in the relative fields that will always stay. One day or the other, there will be people who would also relate to those expressed emotions. In this regard, let us talk about one of the people in the creative industry who is thriving with his work and making his way up the ladder – Miquel Reina. An artist who has worked in diverse creative expressive fields, for instance, has worked as a digital designer, a filmmaker, and a writer.

We can take inspiration from him and try becoming a bit creative. Allowing oneself to express emotions most creatively is very important, and Reina has done it quite well in his debut novel “Lights On The Sea.” People admire it so much that some production houses might even make a movie on it soon.