How MineSet Is Becoming A World Wide Brand

Pauly Long’s motivational and business consulting brand has skyrocket through social media and their growing community in 2020. Whether it’s the side effects of the pandemic or just the success stories associated with them – they are growing.

When we go on social media platforms such as Instagram, the amount of people trying to sell us advice or the idea of their perfect life is endless. What is promising to be a place of freedom can become intimidating, everyone is living their perfect lives it seems, and you are the only
one who feels like you are slacking behind and not really doing what you would do if you had a free choice.

Hold up – you do. But we’re aware that the gap between dreams and reality can sometimes feel like the world and take a lifetime to get around.

Pauly Long has an unusual talent to close that gap in your mind. To close it to a degree where he only has to hand you the tools and helps you build the bridge to get on the other side. The self made entrepreneur has come a similar way off struggling and being unsure about his purpose in life before he realized the impact he had on other people’s life when doing what he
enjoyed most and therefor did best.

The founder and face of his brand MineSet has thousands of clients and followers that follow and engage with him for his daily lessons and advices.

MineSet’s Shift program has already convinced hundred of people to turn their lives around for the better and manifest the realities of their dreams.

Pauly Long, who is also a deeply involved in marketing and credit consulting, has the right knowledge and tools to offer people a more realistic approach to life changing coaching and experiences, with an almost down to earth version of ‘go and live your dreams without limits’
Because all so often it’s the first steps that are the hardest and it’s the first hurdles that look the highest until they are behind us.

With an expanding range of services, MineSet is looking to grow further in the next years and establish Pauly Long amongst the industry’s elite.