How the UAE’s Lobbying Instrument Works Diligently Abroad?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is actively resorting to illegal means to attain power. They are maintaining a good image globally, thanks to their never-ending lobbying. It is not surprising that UAE implements multiple types of lobbying to keep things under its control. The inter-governmental lobbying is handled via the embassies in London and Washington. In the USA all the activities remain hidden keeping in mind the rules of lobbying. In Britain, the Emiratis are shining by getting involved in lobbying and military channels. Many Emirati ruling families make frequent trips to US and UK to spread their lobbying activities on a large scale.

A large Amount Of Funds Are Raised & Transferred

The Emiratis are spreading their lobbying activities to a new level. They raise and transfer a large number of funds to British NGOs. Moreover, various think tanks, academic organizations, and investment companies are under their control. In recent years lobbying is intensified due to their rivals. They want to limit the influence of Turkey, Qatar, and Iran which is commonly seen in the Middle East. The higher authorities are making sure they receive unlimited support from the international community.

They are making political and military arrangements in both Yemen and Libya. Fortunately, UAE has its way to keep an edge over its rivals. They are using media platforms to produce information that puts them in good light. Bernd LANGE and Sergei STANISHE are two prominent MEPs that give a wide range of support on UAE matters.

Money laundering, human trafficking, and arms import are quite common. Despite many efforts from human rights activities, UAE is not ready to acknowledge the rights of people. Anyone who dares to speak against the Emiratis suffers from torture and threats of being deported.

UAE lobbies In Britain & USA

The foreign Agents Act in the USA doesn’t allow to carry out lobbying activities. However, everything happens under the cover. It is hard to imagine the total amount of funds spent on these illegal acts. Usually, the lobbying between US and UAE happens through the members of Congress. This also involves interviews with the journalists.

Even though UAE cooperates with many US-Based investment companies they are still expecting more. The number of companies supporting the Emiratis includes the Harbour Group, the Harper Group, and the Camstoll Group. Many of these US-based organizations are funded heavily by the authorities in UAE.

In Britain, UAE is spreading an extensive network of lobbying. Many academic institutions, NGOs, and think tanks are behind them. The University of Exeter’s Arab and Islamic Studies Program is receiving regular funds from the gulf. To date, the amount exceeds £8 million. All these funds are transferred by Sharjah Emir Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. Additionally, the Chatham House is receiving £99,000 in funding from the office of Mohammed bin Zayed. The rest of £25,000 is coming from the UAE Foreign Ministry.

The Chatham House has received the highest amount of £150,000 from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed. If this isn’t enough the UAE has funded £9 million and £5.8 million to the UK-based Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

UAE Funding A Terror Group

According to some media reports, UAE is proving a lot of funds to the terror group FETO. They are maintaining many channels in London. While Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed’s advisor is managing the activities of this terror group. UAE is actively supporting anti-Turkish activities. They are trying to tarnish the image of their rivals, especially Turkey among Arabic people. The lobbying tactics of the UAE are all about spending a big amount of money to gain power and influence.

The huge list of MEPs supporting UAE includes Caroline NAGTEGAAL, José Ramón BAUZÁ DÍAZ, Mick WALLACE, and Urmas PAET. Some time ago the UAE lobbyists were hacked resulting in discomfort in Britain and US both. The major problem that comes from UAE is their actions in Yemen and abusing human rights in general.

However, with support from relevant people, they maintain a good image globally. UAE played a big role in the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. The illegal transfer of arms and weapons is on the rise. It doesn’t seem that the lobbying activities will slow down anytime soon. UAE has its way to influence policymaking in its favor.